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DanW posted Jul 17 at 9:33 pm
Hi, Is there a way to edit a Type property from the VT HMI? Some users will not have access to the Tag Browser but may be required to change IP address which is set up as a property of the Site Type. I tried several methods to set up a Linked Tag Widget but have been unsuccessful.

I'm thinking that I may have to script it somehow but want to know if I'm missing something before I go down that
recent by Michael  ·  Jul 30 at 11:40 pm
Brandon Peay @ Fritz Winter posted Jun 12 at 1:35 pm

I am trying to integrate in a counter and some automated resets. The plant is currently changing the times of shifts a lot and I would like to allow them to configure on the fly. Is there a way I can change the trigger tag using parameterization? If so I cannot find any information on the exact syntax or how to do so.

recent by Michael  ·  Jun 12 at 5:06 pm
We cannot seem to get Alarm notifications to work with Office365. The smpt server is supposed to be, I'm told, but when we have this as the SMPT address using port 587 and TLS encryption we get the following error: "SendMail Error [9]: Server doesn't support authentication"

We do get alarm notifications if SMPT settings as follows: Email Server: {company}-com.mail.protectio
recent by dougs  ·  Jun 7 at 9:01 pm
John_SBPG posted Apr 12 at 3:49 pm
Here is my situation:

My current application has both my sewer lift stations and water towers in one application.

My water plant operators need to see only the water towers and hear alarms for them. But my sewer lift stations create an almost continuous stream of alarms. This had led them to mute the entire system.


Is there a simple way to turn of alarm sounds for my s
recent by Andrew Harvie  ·  Apr 16 at 2:35 pm
Viss posted Feb 21 at 2:44 am
I'm new to VT Scada, Scada in general.
We are currently migrating off a older machine that is using a PCI Dialogic for a voice modem.

Our new machine only has PCI express slots so I'm looking for a replacement that fits the new machine whether it be PCIe or USB.
We only have 1 phone line strictly for alerts.
I saw that US Robotics and others like TP-Link list in there specs that they
recent by Viss  ·  Mar 29 at 2:46 am
pdavitt posted Feb 21 at 3:26 pm
I am trying find a gauge widget that will do the following.

Accept input from an Analog Status Tag that produces values from -100 to 100.
Has a zero centered dial which rotates to the left of center for negative values and to the right of center for positive values.
I originally thought this would be easy, but I can't figure out how to do it.

Any help would be appreciated,


Just downloaded the software and thought I had an easy project to start with. Took awhile to grasp the Tag hierarchy but think I have it.
My problem is this: Trying to setup VT to read from a Modbus TCP slave. I have tested the slave communication with a small Modbus TCP app, running on the same PC as the VT app and it works fine.

The ModBus TCP communication parameters are:

Slave I
clewis posted Feb 19 at 5:08 pm
Is it possible to show an analog status tag in a gridlist cell? Would it display the alarms and engineering units?

In the titles parameter how would you Display Multi-line text

Do you have any examples?

recent by clewis  ·  Mar 1 at 5:38 pm
Mel Nevergold posted Feb 20 at 1:57 pm
I want a widget to drive to the site via long,lat that I can launch from the anywhere client.

I think this might help.

I've got an idea to try. BRB

recent by Mel Nevergold  ·  Feb 20 at 3:02 pm
RyanCaleb posted Nov 9 '17 at 1:31 pm
Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner with raspberry pi and also to Python language. I'm trying to use the raspberry pi 3 for industrial application and for that I've connected quite a few sensors (temperature, humidity, co2 etc.) I'm successfully able to get reading from the individual sensors and wrote a structured program with few functions related to each sensors to get reading from all the sens
I'd like to monitor, decode, and "interact" with a Modbus RTU device. Nothing complicated, I don't think. When I say interact the "linking" of meters/graphs to some of the registers etc would be really a nice to have and that seems to be inherent to your application.

Is VTscada Light the product I am looking for?

I reviewed the manual and looked at the software after insta
Hi Guys. I'm installing VTScada in place of another SCADA system and need a way to replicate the old watchdog functionality that they were using. Currently, their old SCADA system toggles a bit for each RTU, based on a set interval, and that bit is tied to a point in the RTU that will cause an alarm on site, if the bit stops toggling (loss of comms).

I believe I will need to do this using sc
Our application style is a container one having three windows:

Top: Toolbar with several subsystems, each having submenu action buttons. Action button change the graphic represented in middle window
Middle: Graphic application area
Botton: Alarms
Is it possible to create a VTScada application with this shape?

See examples in attached images:


Redundant server configuration (Primary + Backup)
Primary server online and working OK
Backup server ready but in standby mode (no coms/history..)
Several Operator Workstation on local network
The operators normally logged in Primary server
Then, primary server shuts down by any anomaly or forced event.

The question is how the Operator Workstations recover connection with Backup
recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Jan 9 at 3:53 pm
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