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I'd like to use a tag to create an Upper Control Limit (UCL) and a Lower Control Limit (LCL). This involves calculating the mean and standard deviation for a period of time. The formulas would be:

UCL = mean + (3 x (Standard Deviation))
LCL = mean - (3 x (Standard Deviation))

What would be the best approach to do this? I was looking at doing an I/O Calc tag, but the avg() and SDev()
recent by Vic  ·  Nov 28 at 5:02 pm

I wrote a calculation(analog) tag to show datetime and that value will export to excel but excel is cutting the last 3 digits.

I used the following expression, and it gives the value 202310282319 which i need to process in excel but that's fine.

CONCAT(Date(Today(), "yyyyMMdd"), "", Time(Now(1), "HHmm"))

Giving hyphens between dates don't work for analog tags.
I cannot change
recent by Vic  ·  Nov 28 at 4:39 pm
A Chromium browser bug is causing some graphics not to render (where ZColorChange is used). The bug was introduced in Google Chrome Browser version 119 and associated Chromium versions (Microsoft Edge Included). You can read about the bug at
If your VTScada Anywhere internet client graphics are not rendering correctly, you can work
I'm currently working through the training simulator to learn the fundamentals for this software. I'm stuck as I'm at the point where I need to develop graphics and start binding to tags. The button to launch the Idea Studio is missing in this project. I would expect to see it right next to the button to launch the tag configurator. Is there another way I can open Idea studio? Any ideas on how to
recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Nov 6 at 1:24 pm
Converting Gmail Emails to Word documents can be quite useful, especially when you need to save important email correspondence. A manual solution for this task involves opening each email, copying the content, and pasting it into a Word document. However, this method is time-consuming, lacks formatting preservation, and doesn't handle attachments well.

The major drawback of the manual method
recent by Kiran6495  ·  Oct 27 at 6:24 am
sgold7593 posted Oct 26 at 4:38 am

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a globally recognized assessment of English proficiency. Securing a high score on this exam is crucial for individuals aspiring to study, work, or immigrate to English-speaking countries. To excel in the IELTS, many candidates turn to specialized coaching to refine their language skills and test-taking strategies.

ScottEdlin posted Aug 29 at 12:05 pm

I am trying to use a report tag to create a standard report on a 24 hour basis, running the previous 12 hours of tag data into a csv file. I can get that to work.

But I want to further automate the process and I need VTSCADA to format the report in a certain way, so every day I want the current date formatted as DD-MM-YY followed by "raw".

I can get the report to output but it has
recent by ScottEdlin  ·  Sep 15 at 2:34 pm
flagshang posted Jul 19 '21 at 8:04 am
I want to query some data from vtscada by RESTFull WebAPI. For example : timestamp,'Station 1\CommChannel\Level:value' from history

But how I should Authenticate with username and password for REST API ? Thanks.

recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Sep 6 at 7:53 pm
Stefan_Neamtu posted Sep 4 at 7:59 am
Which is the best MQTT broker i can use with VTScada ? Is it ok to install the broker on the same machine running VTScada Runtime ?

Anbarasu.A posted Aug 22 at 6:07 am

I was trying to add opacity expression in momentary switches, when selector switch changing the position according to that Momentary switches will fade.

Anybody pls help me to write a expression...

recent by TomE  ·  Aug 22 at 1:59 pm
Glenc posted Aug 8 at 9:23 pm
I have one computer that when I connect to the remote scada server using a web browser to the web address (i.e. the display is complete. However, when i use the VTSX client on the same computer many of the icons are not rendered and the topographical background is not present. At first i suspected a video driver update but the fact that it works with the web browser
jced226 posted Jul 31 at 3:23 pm

I am trying to pull more tags from a P2-550 CPU from AutomationDirect. I looked through the PLC Program on productivity to see the data that VTScada should be pulling. However, it seems to be only pulling two tags from the CPU and not the rest. The tags show a value of 0 but should be showing numbers. I tried accessing Modbus Poll to see what would be the problem, but Modbus Poll isn't
recent by Tames  ·  Jul 31 at 9:46 pm
Tames posted Oct 26 '22 at 4:20 pm

Does anyone have a working example of a basic page using a gridlist function?

The example in the help documentation does not work when copy and pasted into my code, and I have been the extra things to get it working but in the end the Gridlist is not pulling the example list of Data[#][#] or Title[#] information past the first inputs.

Is there something I am missing?

Is there a way to have a dynamic place holder to call a specific widget that is embedded in a popup page. i tried this but it does not link is there a specific function for this? Below is what i tried not the full source code just the specific areas.

Path = concat("WidgetInterlock", Replace(\GetPhrase(Taglink), 0, 12, "-", "_");

GUITransform(12, 148, 579, 53,
1, 1, 1, 1
1234 ... 15
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