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jfrye posted Feb 10 '20 at 8:07 pm
We are trying to create a report for documenting the duration a sewage lift station is overflowing on a day to day basis.

We have a calculation tag setting the overflow setpoint, and an alarm tag running the trigger of "wet well level > setpoint". Followed by a logger tag monitoring the state of the alarm tag, logging at every 60 sec.

When we run daily total reports on the logger
recent by jfrye  ·  Feb 12 '20 at 12:35 pm
DanW posted Jan 29 '20 at 3:04 pm
The VTScada help file indicates that the RadioButtons function should be called using the Dot notation:

When I attempted this implementation the radio buttons did not show up in my display. After verifying my variables I tried using the "\" notation:

This worked.

(Full Disclosure: I'm using the VT11 era "CompletedTutorial" ap
drummin89 posted Feb 6 '20 at 2:40 pm
Is there a way to resize the horizontal buttons widget for a selector switch tag? It seems like it would be standard practice to have some user set-able parameters in the properties dialog for setting the width and height of the buttons, but there is not and the buttons are just too small.

recent by Michael  ·  Feb 8 '20 at 6:04 am
Ketul posted Jan 18 '20 at 1:15 pm
I want to write an expression on "digital status" tag. According to changing in value of digital status tag, different text should be shown.
As like, If digital status tag value is 0 then it should shows 'disabled', If its value is 1 then it shows 'running', if tag value is 2 then it shows 'blocked', if the value is 3 then it shows 'unknown'.

I want to write an expresion in tags. How can i
jfrye posted Jan 22 '20 at 2:18 pm
Looking for the best way to configure resolutions between 10 pack applications and various client size displays. We have 15" 1024x768 HMIs at our panels, these using the 10 packs so we can filter by panel number. Then we have 27" and 32" monitors in our operator room running the main application on the VIC, and then programmer staff use 24" monitors.

Here is a look at how we have one of the
Ketul posted Jan 18 '20 at 2:00 pm
I have used VTScada in my pumping application where my pumps are start&stop according to level in sump.
When my level goes above to start level it will start my pumps & when level reaches below to stop level it will stop tye pumps.
I have used level tag(analog control), pump running status tag (digital status), start & stop level tag(analog control) etc.
I want to animate my
DanW posted Jan 20 '20 at 7:59 pm
The High Performance HMI Handbook (Scada Bible) suggests that Faceplates should have a reserved spot on displays that change according to the item selected on the display.

Everything on the screen is selectable, and when selected the standard faceplate for the element appears in a reserved “faceplate zone” rather than floating around the screen obscuring the graphic.
Element m
recent by DanW  ·  Jan 21 '20 at 1:11 pm
Good morning,

Little quirk I noticed this morning - When using the Vertical Analog Bar High Performance Widget (VT12) the setpoint only allows you to choose a tag. It should allow the selection of a parameter, linked tag property or expression.

In my particular case I wanted to select a linked tag. This was accomplished by just choosing the tag (that I would like to have linked too) and t
recent by DanW  ·  Jan 20 '20 at 7:52 pm
drummin89 posted Jan 14 '20 at 12:23 am
I believe I know the answer to this but figured I'd ask anyways. Is it possible to do a lookup table in VTSCADA?

I have a customer that wants some live calculations done that are currently done in an Excel spreadsheet, some of which involves a lookup table.

Even if I have to do something external and pass the result back into VTSCADA. Can VTSCADA read from an Excel spreadsheet through scr
Kevin Way posted Jan 2 '20 at 8:42 pm
I am looking for some direction on creating a Data Grid in VTSCADA
that can poll from the historian.
There is an example in the Oil & Gas Suite for the flow computer history.

Any help would be appreciated

I have a device that sends status updates on a Modbus network. I have successfully connected to it and can access the registers. However, there is a status register that stores the system status as an integer that I need to decode into a binary word. I then need to be able to access each bit of the word to determine the system status. How can I accomplish this? I'm new to working with SCADA and t
recent by Mrpike  ·  Dec 31 '19 at 2:58 am
drummin89 posted Dec 19 '19 at 8:14 pm
I have some data points that I need to put in a report, but I only need to show those values every 15 minutes that the process is in a certain step (A pump is running). The report will be ran at the end of the month and will cover the entire month.

I would prefer to have those points logged continuously for trending and so the customer can look back at any time and see what the value was whet
recent by drummin89  ·  Dec 26 '19 at 7:12 pm
dbabler posted Oct 9 '19 at 1:01 pm
We currently are looking for a possible way to compile all the exported data that is collected into a nice easy to read template, keeping it as user friendly of a process as possible. I myself am very new to VTScada so I thought this would be the best place to come, has anyone found any cool solutions to this issue at all? These are all water treatment facilities so they're primarily use X amount
Ketul posted Dec 19 '19 at 8:24 am
I want to send a SMS of generated faults/alarms from SCADA on mobile number through AT commands. I have connected westermo MRD-455 4G cellular router to scada workstation PC by serial to USB port.

How can i configure tags in scada for modem configuration and to notify SMS on my mobile number.

Can you please guide me through the steps to configure modem tags in scada.

Serv-atron posted Dec 10 '19 at 9:57 pm
I have a 4 position switch in the PLC
I need a 4 position switch to write to the PLC from Trihedral ver 12
so that it is not maintained and will match the one in the PLC

I assume I need a widget to provide an analog out to write a analog value to the PLC but I am not sure how to do it.

Can anyone help me here?

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