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Joseph.Rhodes posted Nov 30 '22 at 1:33 pm
I wanted to reach out to others to see if they have been having similar issues. I'm located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the Hilliard Fletcher Wastewater Treatment Plant. I've got a few different ways to access VTScada, but the one way that has been giving us all fits has been accessing VTScada through the Anywhere Client. Our plant operators access VTScada through Anywhere Client. I can access thro
jxa posted Nov 30 '22 at 4:17 pm
Can I get some help in defining a SQL Driver template for pulling values from another VTScada system?

ODBC driver is installed, user account with remote data permissions created, realm created, DSN defined, connection verified.

There is no option in the database type list for VTScada. What should be chosen here?

I made a probably incorrect assumption that a query should follow the for
recent by jxa  ·  Nov 30 '22 at 9:42 pm
cwinland posted Nov 15 '22 at 12:39 pm
I am trying to connect and pull data from a multismart via modbus. I can ping the IP address of the multismart and the Modbus address for the driver is 1, but I am getting an error code of 260 from the IP address and an error code of 531 on the driver. I tried connecting to the multismart with a modbus scanner via TCP/IP but I cannot pull any data from the registers.

Tames posted Nov 1 '22 at 3:35 pm
When dealing with a GUIText inside of a widget I can see from the help document that there is the Options section that allows for control of font size. The only issue I have is that the options are for;

no change
change based off vertical scaling of the page
scale to topmost scaling, ie. the page

I am trying to get a GUIText to scale inside of a widget so that I can change the widget dimens
recent by Tames  ·  Nov 17 '22 at 2:23 pm
lucy posted Nov 8 '22 at 2:02 am
What are the Remote Data access ? Which licenses need to be purchased? Remote access licenses will be enabled

What is the Remote configuration & Remote Idea Studio? Which functions are specifically included

Thank you and look forward to your reply

Jason posted Oct 20 '22 at 8:28 pm
I have been tasked to make a standard VTScada template. This will get used in different applications. How it is supposed to function is that it will list all the shutdown conditions and it will display which ones are in fault (easy part). Then when you click on each shutdown it will take you to the faceplate of the device it is connected too. The problem I run into is when trying to have it all p
recent by Jason  ·  Oct 28 '22 at 7:15 pm
bbaer22 posted Oct 11 '22 at 9:01 pm
I would like to use a Text Change 2 state, and when it's in the 0 position or non energized state I want it to show one word in a certain color and in the 1 position I want a different word and color. It doesn't look like it would be tough, but I can't get it to accept a tag. I tried a bunch of different kinds of tags and it's just not accepting any of them. I would like to use a tag for this sin
recent by bbaer22  ·  Oct 14 '22 at 5:48 pm
jjanowiak posted Sep 6 '22 at 10:37 pm

I have a SCADA system that is not connected to the Internet, like most every SCADA system I work on. I have copied the Slippy Map Tiles for my area to my SCADA server. However, my map icons do not appear on the Map. No matter how far I zoom in or out.

How do I get my Map Icons to appear if I don't have an Internet connection?

Tames posted Jul 20 '22 at 6:47 pm

I have taken over a job and the previous creators used:


to pull in the colors form the style settings without pulling in the alarm color override. I have copied and pasted their code (from a working widget) and pasted it into my own but it does not work.

The code is:

\Root\Value == 0 ? SState0Color : ( \Roo
mike_yung posted Jul 20 '22 at 4:30 pm
This section of the help (linked to) tries to refer me to Microsoft for details on how to get a signed SLL certificate but the url which used to give that information now tries to upgrade me to Windows 11.

Please reply with the instructions for processing a reply to an SLL signing request & arrange for this to be added to your online help. Thank you.
Harley107 posted Jul 14 '22 at 1:33 pm
We currently run ge with primary, secondary, and a historian server.

What would be good specs to have server wise running the dual premium server setup 10-25k tags and 15 thin clients. Thanks for the input. Any brand you prefer over another?

Stefan_Neamtu posted Jun 21 '22 at 9:47 am
Hello, is there a way to create inside a page a drop-down menu containing links to specific pages ?
For example I would have a button named "Field Devices" and when i click on it - to show a drop-down list - Device 1 page , Device 2 page ... etc

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