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Ketul posted Sep 13 '21 at 9:40 am
I want to link the Image to the tags as like widgets and I want to change image colors accordingly to tag values.

I have created one I/O calculation tag having a Digital type.
I want to take blowers images available from Images in Idea studio.

I want to link the IO calculation (digital) tag to this image and I want to change its color accordingly tag values same as like widgets
Ketul posted May 20 '21 at 11:23 am
I have created context groups for Pump1, Pump2, Pump3...and so on in the tag browser.
My aim is to on idol studio screen Pump tiles is enabled/disabled accordingly context tags enable/disable.
e.g. If I have enabled context tags for pump1 & pump2 only then only 2 pump tiles widgets will be shown on the screen. Rest will disappear.
How can I achieve this ?

recent by Ketul  ·  Aug 30 '21 at 12:25 pm
I need enable/disable widgets based on selector switch mode.
ex. When I select auto mode in selector switch then all other pump control widgets (ON/OFF switch) needs to be disabled and when I put selector switch in Manual mode then I have access to control pumps ON/OFF switch.

How can I make it?

AC Salyers posted Aug 20 '21 at 3:32 am
Im trying to figure out how to embed text (Like an on call list) that is from a live document. I am currently using and Access Database that is pulling from an Excel spread sheet but I am using so many tags for every name and number it just doesnt make sense to do it this way. I think Im using somewhere around 20 tags just to have five people on the list and Im about to do this for a couple oth
Brent Saunders posted May 5 '21 at 7:28 pm
We are incorporating opendnp3 outstation into our product. We are sending changes with time. However, all logs and trends show points changing at time of reception rather than the time sent with the point change. We have used wireshark to verify the unsolicited change message is going out correctly. Is there a configuration in VTScada to tell it to use the transmitted time rather then the tim
Ketul posted Jun 1 '21 at 6:54 am
How can I enable all the DNP3 variations for Analog Input & Analog Output status without enabling a direct poll?

-Default is showing 'All variations'. How can I add more variations for analog input & analog output? I want to use a 32-bit variation in all tags. How can I make enable this?

Where Can I found the button for the DNP3 event poll & the Integrity poll? I want t
Kevin Way posted Jul 27 '21 at 3:47 am
Hey all, I need to use the plotxy function to display a xy graph. Has anyone use this before?

My main question would be. How to generate the X and Y arrays. Would you use the GetTagHistory function to generate these arrays?

recent by Kevin Way  ·  Aug 3 '21 at 8:03 pm
Ketul posted Jul 22 '21 at 1:49 pm
I have created parameterized pages. I have assign parameter values in it of my created own tag type.

When I open my parameterized popup pages it looks like as below.
In which "SOV-1 Status" is just a text.

How can I make this text as parameterized text so that when I open my pages it will show me SOV 1 Status, SOV 2 Staus, and so on...

In my tag link widget I need to set tex
recent by Michael  ·  Jul 26 '21 at 11:37 pm
flagshang posted Jul 19 '21 at 8:04 am
I want to query some data from vtscada by RESTFull WebAPI. For example : timestamp,'Station 1\CommChannel\Level:value' from history

But how I should Authenticate with username and password for REST API ? Thanks.

jfrye posted Jun 28 '21 at 5:21 pm
I am trying to setup MDS Diagnostics Driver tags using TCP/IP ports, everything is on the same subnet, I have tried using the only ports I can find documented in the manual (GE MDS iNET) which are 30011 and 30010, but have no results. Have also tried the default 3001 and 502. Any suggestions? Thanks.

AC Salyers posted Apr 1 '21 at 8:20 pm
I use graphic editors quite a bit and some features that come in extremely handy that are absent VT Scada would make the work flow more seamless and less tedious in many cases especially when working with multilayer graphics.

• The first I would like to suggest is the ability to lock layers while editing pages or widgets so that they cannot be moved or changed while they are locked. To
hewkyle posted May 4 '21 at 3:35 pm
Good morning,
I am seeking additional resources, experience, or advice for integrating an Inovonics EN4080 IP gateway and associated equipment into VTLight.

BQT BACnet quick test

EN4080 - vendor ID 1093

Locally connectivity between my laptop and the IP gateway.

Some examples of how the hardware should be structured in
recent by hewkyle  ·  May 20 '21 at 9:52 pm
I need to display a history statistics tag in the runtime &, when the operator clicks on it, open historical data viewer to open up & display that history statistics tag's source.

I was able to do this but what I came up with feels too clumsy.

I've created a group of display widgets with pop-ups disabled in the history statistic tag, with pop-ups enabled in the I/O & calculati
recent by Michael  ·  May 17 '21 at 5:33 pm
Brent Saunders posted May 11 '21 at 4:32 pm
We want to export and sync the VTScada tags to our dnp3 outstation database. We set up an odbc datasource and tested the connection with success. However when we hit "Export", we get "Operation Failed" at the bottom of the window. Any clues?

Ketul posted Mar 26 '20 at 12:53 pm
How can I make rotation in any shape.
For ex. I have draw one fan symbol in idea studio.
I want to rotate this shape in clockwise direction.
How can I do this in VTScada.

Please guide me through steps to rotate any shape in VTScada idea studio.

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