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Are there any rules/algorithm for scaling in VTScada to adjust the values from the PLC to the real values?
At the moment we are getting some values but we have to adjust them to the Output we want to have... Can we do that by scaling is there another possible solution?

Thanks four your expertise and help!

Stefan_Neamtu posted Jun 23 '22 at 7:39 am
I am using a gauge widget and HDV for trending a tag from a modbus device.
The scan interval is set for 60 seconds, i want to keep the last read value until the next read in order not to have gaps in the HDV trend line. I am using the following settings:

Despite those settings i am still getting gaps in the graphics.
I have tried to use the "Hold" option in the SERIAL tab, bu

I am trying to make a historian for the company I work at and they are using a P2-550 cpu for their PLC. I was wondering the best way to connect to this to log information in the system historian and cannot find out a way to solve this problem. I know the IP Address for the PLC. I am just confused on how to get tags from the PLC to log them into the Historian here on VTScada. Any help
recent by jced226  ·  Jun 21 '23 at 12:27 pm
kurtisjackson posted Jun 1 '23 at 4:59 pm
Wondering if anyone has managed to setup VTS within a Docker container or similar.

Ultimately, my goal is to be able to run multiple versions of VT simultaneously. As an integrator I have some apps on 12.1.19, others running 12.0.56 and then a few others that I support. I would improve my efficiency if I can be working on different projects at the same time without having to shutdown one ins
Ketul posted May 2 '23 at 7:44 am
I want to read Modbus register 62257 value from Holding Register (Function Code 3) with Unsigned16 (U16) data type. How can I write a register address for this with VTScada Modbus Driver?

Driver: VTScada Modbus Compatible Driver
Function Code: FC3
Group: Holding Register
Register Number: 62257
Data Type: U16 (Unsigned16)

Can you please suggest me a Read Address on which I can
recent by Ketul  ·  May 3 '23 at 7:06 am
Complete newbie here and am self teaching myself VTScada and SCADA in general. I am getting a float variable back from the MODBUS expressed in exponential form. I now need to convert this to its actual value that the float represents. Is there a function in VTScada that does this or do I need to write a function to go to binary, decodes the binary and then convert back to decimal.

recent by genidoc  ·  May 2 '23 at 10:18 pm
hello everyone

I have been configuring the software so that clients have remote access to my vtscada program, I bought the domain, ssl certificate, and followed the configuration in detail according to Dave Spencer's video on VtScada's youtube channel, but I can only view my program on other computers on the local network.

At the end of the video, in my program, in the "Thin Client / Serv

Hello Team,

We are working on reading the data using VTScada REST queries. While working History_TPPvalue tables we are trying to read Average values. While comparing the result in the Tag browser we found that the values are not the same. I have attached the screenshot for Historical Data Viewer and also the txt file with the REST query and its response. Could you
Tames posted Feb 21 '23 at 9:40 pm
I built a Lufkin SAMS controller inside of my VTScada and it automatically built all the TAG's as either Analog Status or Digital Status TAG's (Legacy TAG's) I am trying to set the lowlow / low / high / highhigh limits for the Analog Status points but I found that these types only allow for a Low/High alarm, but in the support document the picture used for this TAG is the Calculations I/O Analog
recent by Tames  ·  Feb 22 '23 at 3:32 pm

I have been trying to set up a connection between VTScadaLite and a Allen Bradley plc using Ethernet/Ip. From what I can gather I am using the correct driver and tag set up. But the digital [IN] does not register a value coming from the PLC.

The PLC can be pinged and ports have been enabled with all firewalls turned off.

The running PLC program is being monitored using the CCW s
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