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foxychen posted 7 days ago at 11:01 am

I have designed a Tag group, there are about 50 tags and a modbus driver, a serial(TCP/IP) port in the group, each tag mapping to a same table to the real device.

After I copy tag groups and set different station ID,
When I connect to one device, all tags read values in one second,
when I connect to two device, some tags read values in one second, but some tags read values in
Joseph.Rhodes posted Oct 13 at 8:06 pm
I've been the City of Tuscaloosa's electronic technician for going on two years now. I've only ever used VTscada Anywhere Client to log into VTSCada. I've been having this issue with a missing minimize button on any and all windows I've open while logged into VTScada. This issue persists with all browsers and not just Google. I was able to slap a bandaid on the issue by switching over to accessin
Good afternoon,
My name is Joseph Rhodes, I work as an electronic technician for the City of Tuscaloosa's wastewater treatment plant. The other day, our chemist sent me an email asking for data about the HCR Creek Flow. I was lucky that I have a co-worker who's about to retire point me in the right direction. I was able to find the data I needed for our chemist. I had to go through a few hoop
Ketul posted Jul 20 at 1:44 pm
I need to set the scheduling for the SOV's (solenoid operating valve) at a certain time interval.
attached an image for the scheduler?

I tried to make this with the Trigger tag available in VTScada. I have set On-time & Off-time of the scheduler. Scheduler starting at its set time interval. But how can I enable my tag for SOV at the same time?

I want to when my time started
recent by Ketul  ·  Oct 12 at 2:26 pm
VTScada can use ActiveX like Shell.Explorer in the help page.

How can I write a ActiveX that does something for VTScada? What is the interface or protocol? I need usermanual about this. Thank you .

glj077 posted Oct 3 at 5:23 am
我在使用addUser API函数添加用户时,发现不会执行,即无法添加用户。如何使用这个功能。谢谢你!

After obtaining a certificate and verifying your domain, GoDaddy will supply you with the following files:

Security Certificate.crt
(“Security Certificate” would be replaced with random characters)

You should be logged into Windows as an account with administrative privileges for these steps to work.

Place those files
Ketul posted Sep 23 at 2:31 pm
I need to integrate Google Map on VTScada instead of Openstreet map.
I have one of the Google map API-key with me.
I need to know what exact URL I need to enter to show Google Maps on the screen.
I have commented on all existing map sources & I have made one new slippy map tile starting from number 1 only.
Apart from URLs & API-Key, What other parameters do I need to change/m
I'm using VTScada to run an application linking this software to MATLAB through Excel.
When writing from Matlab to Excel,and Excel to MATLAB, everything works fine.

When using VTScada as DDE Server,and writing data to my Excel, by using the following formula:


I get a message telling me that I have to open VTScada,even if the problem is already runni
YetiSB66c posted Sep 16 at 7:20 pm
I would like to have 3 numeric fields on a popup page.

Display IO Tags Value

Display IO tags Scaled Max

3 Display IO tags Scaled Min

but i am unable to figure out how to access the Scaled Min and max properties of the IO tag.

i have tried creating tag widget and link the #ScaledMax, but that seems to have failed

Ketul posted Sep 13 at 9:40 am
I want to link the Image to the tags as like widgets and I want to change image colors accordingly to tag values.

I have created one I/O calculation tag having a Digital type.
I want to take blowers images available from Images in Idea studio.

I want to link the IO calculation (digital) tag to this image and I want to change its color accordingly tag values same as like widgets
soh posted Sep 4 at 4:28 pm

I already setup a simple test project for thin client remote access.
I able to connect remotely using laptop via the URL given ( VIC/MIC/anywhere.

Unfortunately i not able to access remote using mobile browser.

Please advice

recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Sep 7 at 5:58 pm
Ketul posted May 20 at 11:23 am
I have created context groups for Pump1, Pump2, Pump3...and so on in the tag browser.
My aim is to on idol studio screen Pump tiles is enabled/disabled accordingly context tags enable/disable.
e.g. If I have enabled context tags for pump1 & pump2 only then only 2 pump tiles widgets will be shown on the screen. Rest will disappear.
How can I achieve this ?

recent by Ketul  ·  Aug 30 at 12:25 pm
I need enable/disable widgets based on selector switch mode.
ex. When I select auto mode in selector switch then all other pump control widgets (ON/OFF switch) needs to be disabled and when I put selector switch in Manual mode then I have access to control pumps ON/OFF switch.

How can I make it?

Jerry posted Aug 19 at 7:09 am
Hello, I have a VTSCADA question to ask,thank you
Tag01 is the address of 40001 from the PLC. Now I want to set the bit2 of Tag01 to 1.
I failed to do this by setbit () ,Please tell me how to achieve it,thank you

recent by Jerry  ·  Aug 23 at 4:20 am
Im trying to figure out how to embed text (Like an on call list) that is from a live document. I am currently using and Access Database that is pulling from an Excel spread sheet but I am using so many tags for every name and number it just doesnt make sense to do it this way. I think Im using somewhere around 20 tags just to have five people on the list and Im about to do this for a couple oth
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