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Dear Sir,
our client want to pool data from VTScada server,
the VTScada already have OPC server license,
they want to pool data from another computer,

is there any tutorial / guide?

we already try to read the documentation, but still not understand,

where we create the Opcserver tags? is it below the driver / port tags?
for example server and client user windows 7, whats sh
deshydra posted 3 days ago at 7:25 pm
Trying to input an analog value in a numeric entry box with 1 decimal place and publish over MQTT. Everything works fine but if the data entry is done wrong (entering a .xx value) the publish fails on the receiving PLC end. I limit the numeric entry box to 1 decimal and it displays properly in the the box (enter a number xx.xx and only xx.x rounded up is shown), but in the MQTT world as soon as E

I've an opportunity to install a new SCADA system, but prior to quote the job, I wanted to test if it's working.

I've a RX3I CPU331 and I've installed (latest VTScada version 12.02 on a Windows 2019 server. I add the GE Driver configured has shown in the picture with the default port founded in the help file. I add 1 analog points %R606 which is a level moving in the PLC, but i don't
mayurbagare posted Feb 18 at 7:45 am
I am trying to check Modbus communication using Simulation.

But values are not updating during Simulation (version 12) on my laptop(Windows 10, i5, 12GB RAM).

IP address series also kept same. i.e. and (TCP port Connection)

If I keep IP address as as shown in Tutorial videos, then simulation works and values are updated for Modbus.

recent by Michael  ·  Feb 18 at 3:03 pm
mcreckless posted Dec 16 '20 at 7:10 pm
I am currently using an analog modem for VTS dial out alarming, and am looking to shift to VOIP.

I know that VTS supports Twilio, but are there any other VOIP providers that VTS supports?

jbench posted Dec 3 '20 at 8:16 pm
I'm trying to use Analog Statistics on a calculated tag. The minimum and maximum values for yesterday are always the same. The calculated tag is combining a low and high register value for flow pulses. You can see the direct reading of the low register tag (2nd pic) shows yesterdays minimum and maximum values correctly. I also attached the calculation tag and expression I used. Why do the statis
recent by Michael  ·  Dec 5 '20 at 5:21 pm
This question was left on our YouTube tutorial for the VTSCada JSON driver found here...

Question: "Can you pass functions or vtscada parameters in the URL? I.e I want to use the latitude and longitude which are specified in the parent of the JSON/XML tag?"

Answer: Absolutely. You can put parameter expressions in the URL which reference V
Is OPC UA Driver supported in Light Version? I cannot get it to connect to a server: status not refreshed.

On the I/O address assist button seems grayed out and I cannot tell what is failing.

Tried from same client host UAExplorer and it connects fine.

I selected Anonymous and no certificates. Is this configuration not supported?

Is the a log file somewhere I can view?

recent by DanW  ·  Nov 16 '20 at 6:59 pm
I am working on integrating some backend ERP database information into some of the views we have setup. In working to get a query to operate I have a number of where clause items but it appears there is a length limit on the number of characters for the query. Is this configurable and can I make that a longer value? Thanks,


I've begun using VTScadaLIGHT and I've run into some trouble. I started logging some data and I noticed after a few days that my timestamp is off. Turns out the system's clock was set for the wrong time zone.

I changed it (pacific time to eastern time) and now the Historical Data Viewer is misbehaving...for all tags. When I resume the live view, the far right side is lined u
recent by Lakee911  ·  Oct 30 '20 at 5:23 pm
Mrpike posted Oct 19 '20 at 5:01 am
I am in need of help establishing comms to a PLC via the GESRTP driver. I have added a driver to the main area and added children to it as shown in the attached pic. Can anyone tell me what value 26 means in the driver value? If I unplug the PLC the value changes to 2. Also another issue I have is what control do I need to turn on/off bits within the PLC? I have added a toggle switch widget
gmf posted Aug 4 '20 at 9:00 pm
I configured an ethernet port and CIP driver for a CompactLogix PLC. When I create a new tag of type "I/O and Calculations" the tag browser option does not appear on the Read Address field.

I ran a Driver communications summary report and the % average Quality was 68.8 and average response time is 0.002 which I would assume would mean I am communicating with the PLC.

Any idea why I can't
recent by Michael  ·  Aug 5 '20 at 10:24 pm
I already created the tags for my PLC in VTScada. I am trying to pull the digital status of a device in my system. First I was using Y memory bit, the digital status can be pulled correctly, I can see a value 1 shown on the Tag when that device was on. The Y memory bit address and function code are attached.

Then, I changed the Y memory to C memory bit, the device is still working well.
recent by dan  ·  Jul 29 '20 at 5:16 pm
I have an ultrasonic sensor with range from 40~300 [mm] outputs 4~20 [mA] to my PLC(ClickPLC). I established connection with the PLC and VTScada Light, the value pulled form PLC, is varying from -171 to 700 something with scaling set as 0~100 for both raw and processed.

I tried to pulled data from some other addresses on my PLC which are not used at all, I did get a value of zero. So I assum
since Vt scada has taken by delta electronics,does it support delta dvp 14ss2 rs485 i tried connecting it,or how to link kepserver with vt scada,I am getting data on kepserver quick client but not on vt scada.Seems like some certificate problem.can I get the proper method to do so?
thank you,
yogesh thakare,
Koolaxis LLP.

I am running the micro800 simulator on Allen Bradley's CCW software. It appears that you support micro800 PLC's using the Symbolic CIP driver, however when I try to use the AB CIP driver demo downloaded from your site, the connection blinks green and does not stay on. I have the simulator running on CCW with a basic start/stop logic. Please let me know if there is something specific that I need t
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