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I can successfully pull up the data into Excel using ODBC connection. The SQL statement like

select * from Alarms;

is working perfectly fine. The issue is when I use 'where' statement, I get an error. The following command is giving an error.

select * from Alarms where Active = 1;


select * from Alarms where 'Active' = 1;


select * from Alarms where Active = '1';
I would like to know if there is a possibility to get the real-time information of the alarms that arrive in the system, via ODBC, a list of the alarms that arrived in a certain period of time. I've tried to understand the file alarm.db and Alarm.LOG, but it seems illegible to me. Can someone help me?

recent by dougs  ·  Jun 10 at 12:11 pm
Dear Dave, Thanks.

Do you mean thru realm we can authenticate other users from same network? if yes then please forward the link to install odbc driver again, the one you sent is not working.

As I know ODBC is to link with third party like xlreporter.

but is it possible to run the application it self from the remote laptop? How, is it thru OPC client and server configuration? is it
recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Jun 3 at 1:14 pm
Dear all,

I have installed VTSCADA light in a data logger (windows operating system) and link the logger to controller (modbus device) thru rs232.

Is there any solution to access from remote laptop?

Is ODBC or XLreporter provide this solution? is it free or at least demo for testing?



Having issues connecting to Siemens S7-1500 series PLC's using the Siemen's driver. I have an Allen Bradley unit that is working so I know my network and server is working.

Any help or examples or templates would be helpful. I am a PLC specialist looking at purchasing a entire system but want to get a real-world example to get approval to buy.

recent by dougs  ·  May 3 at 6:13 pm
andyn posted Apr 1 '18 at 10:00 pm
I have just installed VTScada 11.3.10 on a Windows 7 (32-bit).
When it starts, the application manager is missing all text.
Hover notes work OK.
The 'About VTScada' window is blank.
I have restarted windows on the VM but still no text. Any suggestions please? What font does the application manager use?


I'm not a SCADA expert, but I want to know if is possible connect a WirelessHart gateway through Ethernet/IP directly to VTScada (without PLC).

The OEM of the gateway said that the WH devices are made available to the host systems via instrument list. This list contains one or more I/O cards. Every I/O card has one or more channels. Up to 6 field devices can be connected in multidrop mode to
recent by Mel Nevergold  ·  Apr 22 at 2:21 pm
markp posted Apr 1 at 12:25 am
When I RDP into the VTSCADA machine the window only fills half of the screen and cannot see the whole application. I can open other applications they work correctly and I can see the whole window. I don't think it is a RDP issue. Any thoughts?

recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Apr 1 at 5:46 pm
I've tried 6 times to install VTS 11.3.23 yesterday on a Windows 10 Pro PC. I've attache my PC Systeminfo.

1- First try, I download the executable from the VTS web site, right click and run as an administrator. I've selected the VTS Light version 64bits. The installation freeze and the whole PC. It freezes at 15%, and I went for lunch before restarting the PC. The PC did not
dgonsior27 posted Mar 6 at 5:49 pm
So...I have two report tags reporting 15 analog inputs on a standard style report, outputing to a CSV file in a folder on a server. Custom preset at 1 second duration, and 1 minute end time. The report tags are triggered daily at 1:55pm, and 4:55am. The reports successfully generate but only with time/date information and analog input tag values. Any ideas on where I might be going
Hi all,

I'm trying to connect to a TCP modbus server running on the same machine as the instance of VTSLite. I've confirmed the server is operating (with a different client), but I can't seem to get my VTS application to write or read any addresses.

I've followed the process here to make my tags, using "localhost" as the IP address and the same port as my server (standard 502) https://ww

Is there any example of how to set up SNMP Agent Tag Change notification traps? It's mentioned in the help page ( that there is a way to add a simple child tag to do it but there's really no example.


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