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I have a number of widgets which need to reuse in another application.

These widgets contain text objects which are lost somewhere during the import/export process. If it matters, some of those text objects display linked tag properties & others display the results of expressions.

Is this a bug that's still being worked on or is this normal documented behaviour which is causing me is
recent by mike_yung  ·  Oct 4 '23 at 5:50 pm
We're a system integrator and have created custom types which we wish to reuse in many of our VTScada customer applications.

We currently have a multi layered app, with an OEM layer that's pretty much empty & a customer application layer which contains all the types, tags & pages.

How can I move the custom types from the customer application layer to the OEM layer so these types c
H2OTom posted Sep 25 '23 at 12:55 pm
Is there a way to require an operator notebook entry when setting a value?

I have a bit that is used to bypass a process timer and would like to force the operator to enter a note when they use this. Currently I have an I/O and Calculations tag setup as a Digital[Out] and I'm using the Toggle Button to write a 1 to the bit when pressed.

I'm hoping to have it setup so when the operator p
benjaminh posted Sep 15 '23 at 9:02 pm
I'm trying to use an Analog Summary report as an easy way to generate spreadsheets with min/max/avg/total measured hourly flow quantities for a user defined period. The analog summary report is tied to a tag that is written to once per hour with the calculated flow total for that hour.

The average/min/max values are correct and have been verified by comparing them to the "Raw Data" in the HD
We are building up a new application to replace an older SCADA system. We don't want both systems polling the end devices so VT's port tags are all disabled until we are ready to commission.

However, the modbus devices are still getting polled somehow. We see poll failures where there should be zero activity. When failing over to the backup server, we saw tens of thousands of polls attempte
The report tag has its "email settings" where you can manually add or remove recipients of that report.

I'd like to offer more of a self-serve option where someone can enter their email on a page/popup which would then inject an updated recipient list into the report tag or script.

Parameters or expressions aren't allowed in this field and I have yet to figure out how to push a variable
I'm connecting an old Schneider Quantum PLC (311 10 controller ) ( 770 01 NOE card). I've set up the Port driver to read the PLC address Port is 502 (I confirmed from the old HMI we were using that it is the correct port.) For the Driver I set to Modbus compatible device as per the VT Scada recommendations for that connection. I've left everything else standard as nothing looked o
recent by tturner7  ·  Sep 15 '23 at 5:48 pm
TomE posted Sep 13 '23 at 3:34 pm
Hi Folks,

Regarding the DrawHDV widget, is it possible to edit the options in the time span dropdown menu? I have a request to add 3mins to this as this is a commen time span for one of my customers.

Have done this quickly with a "Plot Data" widget, however it does not have the functionallity of the "DrawHDV".


I read I can turn off the splash screen & I'd like to do that.

Adding NoSplash = 1 did nothing. Neither did adding NoSplash on it's own without the = 1. Can someone whose done this confirm that it actually works? I don't want to bang my head against the wall trying to use something that's broken.

Pictured above, is an interval selection widget i created in version 12.1.25. Selecting each interval writes a value to a single tag via the set value PB. Depending on the which value is set from the button, another expression tag that will be high. As you can see above i have hour selected, this writes the value 2 to TCA_FASH_METER_VIEW. From there i have an expression on TCA_FASH_METER_V
mikeb posted Jun 20 '23 at 5:31 pm

I am looking for an example VT-SCADA application. Is there one available for download?

The WeatherApp one I have is apparently quite old and will no longer function in the current release of VT-SCADA.

Any example applications would be appreciated, they do not have to pertain to weather information.

recent by mikeb  ·  Aug 31 '23 at 5:56 pm
Scratch posted Aug 28 '23 at 7:32 pm
New to VTScada, installed VTScada lite. Just starting out and having trouble making a connection to an SLC 5/05. I am proficient in Proficy ifix and Intouch. I may take the jump into VTSCADA if I can at least make my first connection. I have tried Port 2222 and 44818 and am using PCCC over CIP, Port path [1,0]. What am I missing here?

flagshang posted Aug 30 '23 at 6:00 am
Hi, I want to use the DropTree, would you like to give a sample? Thanks.

I have an alarm tag that should only cause notifications between 8am-8pm. In other words, be priority 1 during the day, and 3 at night. If the alarm occurs at night, it should notify at 8am.

I duplicated the alarm tag, so that there is a "daytime" (1) alarm and a "nighttime" (3) alarm.
I'm using a trigger tag to disable one or the other based on the trigger.
I have to uncheck
recent by cardsfan  ·  Aug 25 '23 at 4:46 pm
TomE posted Aug 25 '23 at 3:58 pm
Hi Folks,

Two parts I could do with some help:

I commonly use VTScada to generate PDF charts etc. which it works great at. However occasionally when running a "standard report" it hangs up and the only way to resolve this is to disable the offending report tag and then enable again. I have not found a way to do this without going through the tag browser as the option to change this via th
mpetruskavich posted Aug 21 '23 at 9:02 pm
Hey everyone,

This seems like a simple problem, but I’m kind of beating my head against a wall here. I’m modifying an existing application on v11.3, which I believe doesn’t have the Allen Bradley CIP driver, so I’m stuck using the older CIP/ENIP driver. I have a direct Ethernet connection from the workstation to a new 5380 CompactLogix PLC, using port A2 (port A1 is be
jroc11 posted Aug 9 '23 at 4:52 pm
Currently trying to create a calculation popup for CO2 Usage. I want the popup to show the current CO2 calc tag value along with a numeric entry where a variable tag within the calculation can be changed. It's currently greyed out, so it won't let me enter a value which I assume is because i have it linked to the variable tag that i need to edit. I have tried changing the tag type many times and
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