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Hi All,
Just wondering where can I find information/documentation on how to configure GetBulkRequest and GetNextRequests for VTScada acting as SNMP Manager.
I know you can assign an OID in the Tag address and set the polling frequency against individual tags, but I want to be able to control bulk requests for polling the RTU's as a whole.

bon_temps2000 posted Dec 5 '22 at 10:01 am
I'd like to create a custom Site Summary that would be used in the "Sites" page in place of the standard widget. I have some custom indicators that I'd like to include.

I can re-create the "Sites" page using a Site Map and Tag List object, but I don't know how to drive the Pulse Beacons in the Site Map from the Tag List object.

I don't need specific instructions on program syntax, just a
othmania posted Nov 22 '22 at 6:29 pm
I configured a simple link to communicate with an equipment in SNMP as in the attached photo, but the VTScada does not communicate with the equipment. The computer communicates without problem either by the web page or by the ping . could you please check the picture attache.
Also i use the Ireasoning works fine

Lamz posted Nov 21 '22 at 2:45 am
Hello everyone.
I am trying to use VTScada to read a string from a Delta DVP-SE PLC (which support ethernet).
However when I try to setup a tag, I only can define the address of 1 word, while my string is 3 consecutive words.
Could you please guide me how to do this.
Thank you

recent by cardsfan  ·  Nov 21 '22 at 5:03 pm
Hello, I am new to VTScada.
Currently we have a database where store the manufacturing plan and we want to connect VTScada to that database and take that data to display on the VTScada screen.
Please suggest which I can do to achieve it.
Sorry I do not have much experience on this, if it is possible please explain clearly.
Thank you.

Hello, experts.
In the project, there is a requirement to separate users. That is, different users will enter a different first page when logging in. It is intended to create some isolation between users. That is, user 1 will enter a general map with the option of switching between the stations, and user 2 will only enter a central screen without the possibility of switching. Is this possible?
recent by tmills10  ·  Nov 13 '22 at 5:15 am
cardsfan posted Oct 23 '22 at 4:20 am
The “find and replace” button that pops up on the right sidebar in idea studio…

Is there a way to get it to work for regular widgets, groups, or tags that appear in expressions? It seems to only work for tag widgets.

It’s a huge time suck copying and pasting a widget (not tag widget), then replacing each tag manually.

recent by cardsfan  ·  Oct 28 '22 at 7:35 pm
Dear All,
I'm very new to VT SCADA and after all the tutorial I watched, I couldn't find the answer (or maybe I missed it) to a problem I'm facing.
I want to configure a push button to start/stop a piece of equipment, and I was wondering if I could read the state of that equipment and send the opposite value through the button.
I saw that it is possible to write a static value in the "Va
I am trying to Generate report and export tag values to my local mysql database.

I have provided ODBC Data Source name same as in the System DSN I have made in odbc data source manager in windows as you can see in this screenshot.
Why am I getting this error despite ‘vtscadaodbc’ being a valid mysql connection ?
Is there a different syntax or any more step t
I have been using Vtscada for some time now on a PC windows 10.

I keep getting password login error...

I setup the port to 83 to make sure I am not clashing with anything..

I am trying to use the MS EDGE browser to access the Vtscada app locally...

When I run the app soilsensor, I enter the username password which I tried many f
123456 ... 21
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