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Hello, experts.
In the project, there is a requirement to separate users. That is, different users will enter a different first page when logging in. It is intended to create some isolation between users. That is, user 1 will enter a general map with the option of switching between the stations, and user 2 will only enter a central screen without the possibility of switching. Is this possible?
recent by tmills10  ·  Nov 13 '22 at 5:15 am
cardsfan posted Oct 23 '22 at 4:20 am
The “find and replace” button that pops up on the right sidebar in idea studio…

Is there a way to get it to work for regular widgets, groups, or tags that appear in expressions? It seems to only work for tag widgets.

It’s a huge time suck copying and pasting a widget (not tag widget), then replacing each tag manually.

recent by cardsfan  ·  Oct 28 '22 at 7:35 pm
Dear All,
I'm very new to VT SCADA and after all the tutorial I watched, I couldn't find the answer (or maybe I missed it) to a problem I'm facing.
I want to configure a push button to start/stop a piece of equipment, and I was wondering if I could read the state of that equipment and send the opposite value through the button.
I saw that it is possible to write a static value in the "Va
I am trying to Generate report and export tag values to my local mysql database.

I have provided ODBC Data Source name same as in the System DSN I have made in odbc data source manager in windows as you can see in this screenshot.
Why am I getting this error despite ‘vtscadaodbc’ being a valid mysql connection ?
Is there a different syntax or any more step t
I have been using Vtscada for some time now on a PC windows 10.

I keep getting password login error...

I setup the port to 83 to make sure I am not clashing with anything..

I am trying to use the MS EDGE browser to access the Vtscada app locally...

When I run the app soilsensor, I enter the username password which I tried many f
Hello everyone,
I'm playing with VT-Scada, and I encountered a problem I didn't find any solution.
I searched in the documentation but I found no answers.
I wish to plot measured data from different (but consistent) inputs in a single graph, each one with a different colour.
Is it possible to do so? If yes, can anyone tell me how?
Thanks a lot,

First I installed 90 day demo version in my laptop. I developed the project in that demo version. I purchased the Developemnt License key.

So, I deactivated the demo version. Now I am trying to activate it again using the licensed key(25 Chaaracter). But it is only giving option to enter 16 digit key.

Suggest how to activate it + I also want to use my existing changeset file developed on

I have some string data internal to my Siemens S7 PLC that I want to display. When I use the string tag type all I get is the number value of the data block.

Is there a way to easily display as ASCII?
Also how to display the whole string, my string data is assigned 6 bytes in my PLC, but the maximum VTSCADA allows is 4 bytes, one double word?

For example my string is located
ScottEdlin posted Sep 13 '22 at 9:43 am
Hi All,

New to VTScada and evaluating the light version for our manufacturing plant.

I want to display different text (strings) based upon a tag value from our siemens plc, I am getting different values through but can't work out to conditionally call different texts based upon this value.

So for example if tag Part number == 1, display SK90
if Part number == 2, display SK110.

jjanowiak posted Jul 12 '22 at 1:05 am
Can someone tell me where to find the "Web Browser Widget"? The help says it is located in the "Tools\Web Browser Tools" folder but that folder does not exist in my version of VTScada. Is this an add on that needs to be imported or something?

We're currently sending our customer's VTScada e-mail alarms through a dreamhost mailserver but need to switch that to our customer's Microsoft365 mailserver with OAuth 2.0.

Their ISP has given us all the credentials we need. All that's missing is our redirect URI & certificate.

Is there anyone here who can baby step us through those steps? I've been reading & re-reading the V
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