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Source: Scripting->Custom Tag Types->Create or Assign Tag Widgets->Sample Widget

Copy and paste to sampleWidget.SRC.
Inport in Idea Studio.

Compilation Error
Trace Item GUID 3eb6e21b-7338-46f6-b65a-88cd290ec584
Timestamp Mon Feb 06, 2023, 22:50:17.569 (Taipei Standard Time)
Application OEM_01
Application GUID de535
artistmonkey posted Feb 6 '23 at 8:24 am
I'm just learning to create a sample open page widget script and need help accomplishing what I want. I know there is already exist a button to open page.

How can I show color parameters like embed widget (color selector)? [solved] need to create panel

left click release event, how to attach? [solved] GUI Object Return Codes

Below is my sample script.
Joseph.Rhodes posted Feb 3 '23 at 2:24 pm
I have been having some issues with VTScadaLIGHT regarding some what appear to be inconsistencies. I have followed both VTSCADA academy and the Student Workbook: VTScada Operations & Configuration Course handbook to set up a simulation environment where I can learn as much as possible. I have followed both avenues of instruction only to end up with the same result. I have values of 770 for co
ron543 posted Jan 31 '23 at 11:09 pm
I am using VTscadaLight and trying to connect to Cogent DataHub OPC UA Server.
I am able to successfully connect between VTscada and Cogent with OPC UA client tag and TCP port driver.
I have DataSim setup to data to Cogent DataHub.
However when I try to import the tags, I get a large number of errors which are all error code 32783.
This error code is not in the documentation so I am n
This question was left on our YouTube tutorial for the VTSCada JSON driver found here...

Question: "Can you pass functions or vtscada parameters in the URL? I.e I want to use the latitude and longitude which are specified in the parent of the JSON/XML tag?"

Answer: Absolutely. You can put parameter expressions in the URL which reference V
mikeb posted Jan 27 '23 at 1:57 pm
In June of 2022, Microsoft released an update which by default harden DCOM connectivity to OPCDA and OPCHDA servers. I am aware that this can be disabled, but that option will no longer function in March of 2023.
Does the latest version of VT SCADA support the new DCOM Hardening for remote OPC DA Connections to the VT SCADA Real Time server?

I have created a script to store recipe in a Network Value variable. This variable is declared in Approot.src under NETWORKVALUE. code works fine till application is running but the problem is when I restart the application I can not find stored recipe. Is there anything I am missing which results into this problem ?

I am trying to create a text port that allows the user to enter a lift station number and then click to open the detail page for that station. In order to make everything work smoothly I need my lift station number to resolve to a three digit string. Is there a function that will force leading zeroes in an integer to string conversion? The Format function seems to operate in exact reverse of what
ryleigh.hargrave posted Jan 12 '23 at 4:21 am
I'm currently building an alarm annunciator for speech to text alarms spread out over multiple areas and where there may be multiple alarms active at the same time. I was wondering if there was an option, or if it can be done through scripting, to replay the list of unacknowledged alarms after a set time out and then repeat the cycle until all the alarms have been acknowledged. This would be for
I have programmed DNP Binary Output controls on my pages and the manual states that if you send an analog value to the tag of "-5000" it should sent a 5 second "Trip" pulse and if you send a value of "5000" it should send a 5 second "Close" pulse.

When i look at my wireshark logs and in my SEL RTAC i just keep getting 1ms Close pulses no matter what i configure.

My points are configured a
Problem 1: I'm trying to execute a file based on a trigger. It is to accomplish something another SCADA software could do. It will run a batch file that combines csv files into 1 csv file. I am using a trigger tag to change an analog value. Then use that analog value to execute a script tag. The new SRC file (SpawnFile.SRC) and variable was declared in the AppRoot.SRC file per the help documentat
recent by Vic  ·  Dec 30 '22 at 5:01 pm
mikeb posted Dec 12 '22 at 5:24 pm
When I install VTSCADA 12.1.12 and try to load the WeatherApp sample application available on your website I receive an error: "HTTP server error Unknown Error -10013"

I progress past this error and attempt to configure the DemoSystem to allow connections from the DSN I created using the VTSCADA ODBC driver. The local DSN fails to connect to the server.

What is the cause of this error and
Hi All,
Just wondering where can I find information/documentation on how to configure GetBulkRequest and GetNextRequests for VTScada acting as SNMP Manager.
I know you can assign an OID in the Tag address and set the polling frequency against individual tags, but I want to be able to control bulk requests for polling the RTU's as a whole.

bon_temps2000 posted Dec 5 '22 at 10:01 am
I'd like to create a custom Site Summary that would be used in the "Sites" page in place of the standard widget. I have some custom indicators that I'd like to include.

I can re-create the "Sites" page using a Site Map and Tag List object, but I don't know how to drive the Pulse Beacons in the Site Map from the Tag List object.

I don't need specific instructions on program syntax, just a
othmania posted Nov 22 '22 at 6:29 pm
I configured a simple link to communicate with an equipment in SNMP as in the attached photo, but the VTScada does not communicate with the equipment. The computer communicates without problem either by the web page or by the ping . could you please check the picture attache.
Also i use the Ireasoning works fine

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