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I am running the micro800 simulator on Allen Bradley's CCW software. It appears that you support micro800 PLC's using the Symbolic CIP driver, however when I try to use the AB CIP driver demo downloaded from your site, the connection blinks green and does not stay on. I have the simulator running on CCW with a basic start/stop logic. Please let me know if there is something specific that I need t
What is the correct syntax for an IO tag address to read data with the SQL Data Driver when the column name in the source data base has a '\' in it?

I'm attempting to read data from one VTScada application to another, and haven't been able to get the proper syntax for a successful query. The query when viewed in the trace viewer is always cut off after the first '\'.

tmills10 posted Feb 2 '22 at 9:09 pm

We are trying to set up communications from VT to a PLC5 over ethernet through a NET-ENI adapter. I can connect to the PLC over ethernet through RSLogix, but am only receiving errors on the VT end. I have the following configurations:

TCP/IP Port - IP address, port 44818
AB DF1 Driver - I have tried this both serial and TCP/IP but cannot read any values. I can see the driver wil
recent by Vic  ·  Feb 7 '22 at 4:42 pm
Dear Sir,

I want to do some conditional calculational ref. to analog tag.

After calculating, answer store in other analog tag.

I put a Advantech SCADA TCL: script Example below here: ( I want same like that in VTSCADA )


A and B is local Script tag
B_N(0) and B_N(1) Analog SCADA Tag
Bv1 and Bv2 Analog SCADA Tag
Need to configure Automatic seamless server failover at Client side. We have configured two servers in "VTScada Thin Client/Server Setup" under Server Setup option. We have one Public IP under which we need to configure our two redundant servers.
We have created two port forwarding rules at Network router for these two servers.
Snap shot as per below,

Router we have configured

We have configured 2 SCADA server. Both are having different public IP. when both servers are up thin client connections are distributed among two servers. but when primary server goes down we are not able to connect new thin client connection with the link of primary server public IP even if backup server is up. we need to connect to the secondary server's public IP manually.

So is
recent by gtuvar  ·  Jan 12 '22 at 10:34 am
mike_yung posted Dec 17 '21 at 5:17 pm
Can someone explain how to setup the very basic polling I require?

here's what I need

read from remote site A for 5 seconds
read from remote site B for 5 seconds
read from remote site C for 5 seconds
read from remote site D for 5 seconds
read from remote site E for 5 seconds
... repeat

What I've done based on my interpretation of the polling driver help is polling all five sites conti
The Modbus User Map Register Settings are correct and the frequency tag is working correctly; however, tags IA, IB, and IC are not updating properly on VTScada. Shown herein.

As the expected value is appx. '0.54' on SEL and '1' is shown on VTScada, I was looking to increase the resolution as this could resolve potentially but couldn't locate. I showed the 'Scaling' for IA tag properties if t
aditi2397 posted Nov 17 '21 at 5:06 am
I want to simulate the environment of PLC and HMI communication on VTScadaLight using GE Fanuc Series 90 driver so that I can run a virtual PLC using port 18245 and HMI on the same computer. Can anyone please tell me whether it is possible and if it is then how should I work it out.
Thank you.

I find the "Alarm Configuration Structure" in the webpage .

There is a "Custom" in the structure. Where should I key in value into the "Customer"? I can`t find a place in the "Alarm Properties TabPage".

Thank you.

aakram posted Nov 10 '21 at 7:16 pm
Resizing HDV popup window pauses live data view. The same happens when this window is minimized and restored. This behavior started after an upgrade from version 12.0.32 to 12.0.44.

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