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jjanowiak posted May 20 at 11:09 pm
I want to create a custom Site Map Icon.
I would like to click the site icon on a map and have it take me to the related display for that site.

Here is what I have.

I have a Context tag. On the Display tab I entered the Lat and Longitude.
I entered the page name in "Custom Details Page".
When I click the Icon on the Site Map display, it opens my display as a pop up. I want it to
Ketul posted May 23 at 12:33 pm
How can I import one machine history data to another machine. I want to copy all historical data of trends & reports onto another machine.
I have copied the Data folder of my application to my another application and replace the folder but I'm not getting Historial data inti it.
Is there any extra steps needs to perform here?

abec34 posted May 10 at 10:19 pm

I am having a really difficult time getting the BACnet Driver to make a connection to an MGate 5217 from MOXA which is a BACnet to Modbus gateway. I am very new to VTScada light but I was able to get the Modbus driver on VTScada to work so I know I am close.

With the BACnet driver. I am not sure if the IP address of the UDP port should be the loopback IP address of ( or i
recent by abec34  ·  May 24 at 4:43 am
Armsp0 posted May 14 at 11:54 pm
Using the tag scaling function does not allow for the 4mA offset of my 4-20mA loop field devices. I'm guessing that this needs to be allowed for by performing a calculation. I check the calculation box in the tag properties window, this causes the IO and scaling tabs to disappear and a calculations tab is substituted. There seems to be little guidance for using this feature. Perhaps I am on the w

I have an odd problem currently where I am trying to link a text to the output value of a multi-write tag. In the text properties I am setting it to 'linked tag properties' and then finding the appropriate tag and then selecting "OutputValue1" (I am assuming this would be the result of the value field in the 1st row of the output tags.)

The problem is that after I select this the
recent by Tames  ·  May 12 at 4:07 pm
Hi ,

The contexte: I got a station (on site) and a control station (not on site). I want to know if is possible to revoke the control for the station to let the entire control to the control station. It will allowed the control station to change the I/o statues and do what they need to do and don`t let the station (on site) change the I/O statues.

Thanks for any help

recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  May 6 at 7:57 pm
Tames posted Apr 25 at 10:33 pm
I have a site that has two RDP connections, currently both are being run as a 'service' type so I can access them via the webpage (anywhere client) and view the interface pages. The only issue is that I need to edit the graphics for these sites.

As far as I can find in the help documents one of these RDP's needs to be running as an application in order to access the graphics Idea Studio.
recent by Tames  ·  Apr 28 at 10:26 pm
in the SQLQuery help page, there is a section "The current values of a tag may be retrieved using a table name with the format "TagName_Current". This table will have one row whose columns are Timestamp (the current time) and the current values of each logged value in the tag.".

How do I use the "TagName_Current"? Can you give me an example? Thanks.

recent by flagshang  ·  Apr 28 at 5:52 am
Tames posted Apr 21 at 6:20 pm
Inside the studio there are the default shapes in the shape tab. When using these shapes I noticed that the only shapes with the options for Fill Pattern, Fill Pattern Color, Outline Line Width, and Outline Line Style (see image below) are only available on the Rounded Rectangle (the default 4 corner, and the default 2 corner) is there a way to get these options on the other shapes? It would be n
recent by Tames  ·  Apr 22 at 8:33 pm
I have a site Operator that primarily used the VTScada Anywhere web login to view a site. When viewing the site the pages are too large for the window. Right now they have to hit Ctrl- to zoom out to 90% in order to see the while page.

I logged onto the application server and changed the settings in the Display tab
Resizable window --> Enable
Constrain aspect ratio --> En
recent by Tames  ·  Apr 22 at 6:25 pm
Please give advice on setting up the SQLDataQueryDriver. Table to store your data. MSAccess, The driver is configured in ODBS. When connected, it gives status 102. VT SCADA Light!
I also ask you to explain how the result of the SQL! is addressed (explain using my example of the SQL query)


Tames posted Apr 13 at 5:44 pm
I am dealing with a few sites that are split between ClearScada and VTScada. The goal is to have all of the sites in VTScada and I would like to know if there is a possible process in place to migrate the files and tags from ClearScada into VTScada? Or if there is another process (besides manually making new applications in VTScada for the old ClearScada sites).


I have configured my Rockwell Micro 820 as a modbus server. I configured my VTSCADA driver tag as a modbus driver tag. i am able to read and write digital to my controller from VTSCADA to the 00000 registers. I am able to read analog from my controller on the 30000 registers in VTSCADA but I am unable to write to my controller on the 40000 registers. I do not have any error codes when i view the
I can get the MAC by MacInfo=MACID();
But I dont know the data type of mac, how can I change it to string or text ? use BuffToArray or other func ? thank you.

str = BuffToArray(data[0],
6 ,
MacInfo[1][0] ,
0 ,
5 ,
0 { Don't skip anything });

recent by flagshang  ·  Apr 7 at 1:54 am
we are taking 16 bit Integer INT1 thru DNP3. is there any way to access its individual bit.

these are my digital status, each bit representing my digital status from controller. so bit wise addressing required to access them in scada.

i tried making a calculation tag with digital IO and put an expression
but still i cant access the bit.

thanks in advance

recent by Graham Bloice  ·  Apr 5 at 3:06 pm
jrluckyman posted Mar 30 at 10:02 pm
I am trying to make a simple toggle button that will output digital 1 or 0, and indicate feedback state with color change and text change.
The output can be changed from other locations so this button needs to change states accordingly.
Seems very basic, but this is my first VTScada project and I can't seem to accomplish what I want.
Thanks for any help I can get.

I want to send the data to the third-party system over BACnet.

How can I do that?

Although, I did some exercise referring help manual but, seems like I can only read the data from other devices.

So, can I send data over BACnet or I can only read/monitor through BACnet!!?


I want to make a new page where Sign in Button/Widget placed in the center of the page, apart from at the right top tab given in the VT SCADA as attached image.

It will be also best solution for me if I can move that "Sign in" button to anywhere respectively X/Y coordinates with Height and Width in the new page.

Or else, is there any property or widget or script, through wh
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