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Why hasn't Trihedral implemented a keypad popup for numeric entries? It's definitely feasible, as I've managed to create my own version. Incorporating this feature directly into numeric entry fields, with an option to enable or disable it, would significantly enhance usability and efficiency.

recent by Kevin Way  ·  Mar 7 at 4:46 pm
cihat posted Mar 7 at 1:33 pm
Hi, I have been wanting to update the data in a table in SQLserver for a long time. I wrote a script by going through the example in the help files, but I could not execute the script in any way, can you share a sample application about it?

Is there a way to move the Data Age from a polling driver that is a child to the parent Context Tag/Custom Tag type? i looked through the source debugger for a variable and could not find one. i am assuming this may not be possible with the default context site details widget that is displayed. And yes i know if the polling driver is the parent it displays automatically.

recent by Kevin Way  ·  Mar 2 at 9:02 pm
TLDR: I want to create an additional historian. And want all the new tags under a parent context tag to point to the new historian.

I have added a setting in the past to change the server list for all child tags, using "DriverServerListName" setting in a parent tag. Does such a setting exist for historians as well?

My problem is that all of my tag types have been defined and have their ch
recent by Michael  ·  Feb 26 at 9:33 pm
Hi Everyone, I am having issues communicating with VTS software using compactlogix L32E from Allen-Bradley..
It communicantes for 10 s ( shows green on the small square) then loss communication( shows Grey on the small square which represents communication status).
I am looking forward to your help please.

EFI posted Feb 26 at 3:14 pm
I am reinstalling VTScada 10.2 for a customer who had a computer crash. I added the old project from a changeset file. I get the following error when trying to run the project:

Is there an easy fix for this?


cardsfan posted Feb 16 at 9:22 pm
Is there a way, within the numeric value widget, to show the thousands separator (as the tag browser does) for an analog i/o tag?

6,512,342 is easier to read than 6512342.

I tried the CommaFormat function within a text expression, but it wouldn't let me hit "Ok" after putting an analog tag as the argument in the function.

recent by cardsfan  ·  Feb 20 at 10:05 pm
cihat posted Jan 30 at 11:08 am
Dear vtscada authority, I have been wanting to pull data directly from the scada database by establishing an odbc connection for a long time, but I could not establish the connection.

I have two questions:

first one: the ODBC license in the manuals asks if it is active, I do not see this part active or deactive, or even not at all, has this been removed with the new license?

Second: d
recent by Andrew Harvie  ·  Feb 20 at 4:32 pm
I have a VT Scada realm configured with 9 applications. When I connect to this realm using the ODBC DSN, I only see the tags configured in the first application of the realm.

Do I need to create a new realm for each application? Can multiple VT Scada realms run on the same machine at the same time without issue?

What would be the best way to approach this kind of configuration? My goal
recent by Andrew Harvie  ·  Feb 20 at 4:24 pm
Im trying to use VTScada to poll a Single array from an MQTT Broker. Once i get the tag into VTScada, I want to have the ability to break it apart into its individual tags and im wondering if this is possible or if anyone has done something similar yet??

The length of my array will be around 30 Dint Values. and i want to be able to view each value individually in VTscada after polling the sin
recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Feb 7 at 8:16 pm

I want to make a new page where Sign in Button/Widget placed in the center of the page, apart from at the right top tab given in the VT SCADA as attached image.

It will be also best solution for me if I can move that "Sign in" button to anywhere respectively X/Y coordinates with Height and Width in the new page.

Or else, is there any property or widget or script, through wh
recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Feb 7 at 6:11 pm
How do I create text buttons (inputs) for login access? For example, in VTScada, I created my user with the necessary permissions. In the supervisory, I want to add two input buttons and a confirmation button. These input buttons would be Username and Password. The user will enter their username and then their password. If it is correct, go to the plant Synopsis page. How do I do that? I'm
prafull posted Feb 21 '23 at 4:10 pm

I am trying to test the REST Queries .

I have set the application property "RESTAllowedOrigins" to null as given in your example HTML page.

I get TypeError failed to Fetch at the bottom of the page (in Red colour)

Anyone has experience with this REST API Queries?

Any more tips, examples etc?

It's quite frustrating when it doesn't work and we don't get the results as pe
recent by mahin101  ·  Jan 31 at 9:49 am
Anbarasu.A posted Jan 18 at 11:17 am
Hi All,

I want to write three status from two different tag values.

"1" Means "Open"
"2" Means "Close"
"3" Means "Travel"

How to write the tag expression referencing another two tag value in VT SCADA.

if [Sludge Dewatering\ZIO_6333A]==1 then "1"
else if [Sludge Dewatering\ZIC_6333A]==1 then "2"
ELSE "3"

What I am doing:

SubStr( [Prod_End], 0, 4), {2024}
SubStr( [Prod_End], 5, 1), {1}
SubStr( [Prod_End], 7, 2), {20}
This will output 2024120 to a analog calc tag, that i will use in reporting. (I need analog type because other tags are also analog; but thats not the point)
You can see the picture that the formatting is not foolproof. This calculation will
I'm currently working through developing some new windows for a client. I'm new to VT Scada and have spent the bulk of my career in Ignition. I was given a changeset file to reference what they currently have or at least within the last 6 months. I started a new application to develop just the new pages and tags that I will import into the client's system.

Traditionally I have always develop
Has anyone connected VTScada MQTT client driver to AWS IoT Core MQTT broker successfully? I have a device publishing to a AWS and I can see the data coming in on the topic.

I added the TCP/IP port for the AWS broker. Really unclear as to what Name/Address to use, as well as the port and if I need to use TLS. I am thinking I do since the device I am using I had to copy the TLS Security certif
recent by drummin89  ·  Jan 12 at 2:10 pm
TLDR: What is the proper way to ‘wait’ for HTTPSend function to finish its entire api call? The function's url parameter changes from a droplist widget.

I have been testing different ways to run the httpsend function. In the script block of ‘main’ module, in a called module, and as a launched module.
Goal is to change the api link according to user prefer
recent by Kevin Way  ·  Jan 12 at 3:29 am
hilldc posted Jan 11 at 8:52 pm
Currently have two port tags setup for a lift station ... one for cell ... and one for radio. I would like to be able to switch between the two with a selector switch on a page. Possible or not? Better way? Thanks

recent by Kevin Way  ·  Jan 12 at 3:00 am
I need to come up with valid expression for two lines of text with a carriage return & line feed separating them. I've done this before but I can't remember where or how. This shouldn't be impossible to find in the help. I know it's in there somewhere but nothing I search for turns up anything useful.

By the way, I am aware of VTScada's multi line text widget. That widget doesn't let
recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Jan 3 at 2:22 pm
Hello, I'm trying to figure out the process for retaining historical trend data during a hardware upgrade, where I am also upgrading the VTS version.

I've found information stating to copy the directory over from the old PC to the new PC, but it seems like I may need to install the same version of VTS on the new machine, then upgrade to the newer version, and I would like to be able to do so
recent by Dave - VTScada  ·  Jan 3 at 1:41 pm
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