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Can anyone tell me how to launch what VTScada call the "CIP Address Select tool"?

All I can find in the help is this reference which tells me it exists but there is nothing here about how to open it.

The help says this tool is "... found in every I/O tag that uses the CI

I've an opportunity to install a new SCADA system, but prior to quote the job, I wanted to test if it's working.

I've a RX3I CPU331 and I've installed (latest VTScada version 12.02 on a Windows 2019 server. I add the GE Driver configured has shown in the picture with the default port founded in the help file. I add 1 analog points %R606 which is a level moving in the PLC, but i don't
mayurbagare posted Feb 18 at 7:45 am
I am trying to check Modbus communication using Simulation.

But values are not updating during Simulation (version 12) on my laptop(Windows 10, i5, 12GB RAM).

IP address series also kept same. i.e. and (TCP port Connection)

If I keep IP address as as shown in Tutorial videos, then simulation works and values are updated for Modbus.

recent by Michael  ·  Feb 18 at 3:03 pm
mike_yung posted Feb 12 at 9:57 pm
My PLC contains some ASCII text stored within sequential MODBUS registers. How can this be displayed in VTScada?

I've tried both an "I/O and Calculations" tag with a String data type as well as a Legacy "String I/O" tag. No mater how I set these up numbers are displayed instead of text. Also, there is nowhere to put in the range of Modbus registers which hold the numbers which represent th
Finding a voice modem has become a struggle.

Finding voice drivers for windows 10 a hassle.

Here's a page of reference conexant drivers you can force windows 10 to use. You'll have to use the Browse my computer, then Let me Pick, then Have Disk, or it will claim the voiceless microsoft driver is newer and therefore better.
recent by Mel Nevergold  ·  Jan 28 at 8:59 pm
mcreckless posted Dec 16 '20 at 7:10 pm
I am currently using an analog modem for VTS dial out alarming, and am looking to shift to VOIP.

I know that VTS supports Twilio, but are there any other VOIP providers that VTS supports?

jbench posted Dec 3 '20 at 8:16 pm
I'm trying to use Analog Statistics on a calculated tag. The minimum and maximum values for yesterday are always the same. The calculated tag is combining a low and high register value for flow pulses. You can see the direct reading of the low register tag (2nd pic) shows yesterdays minimum and maximum values correctly. I also attached the calculation tag and expression I used. Why do the statis
recent by Michael  ·  Dec 5 '20 at 5:21 pm
This question was left on our YouTube tutorial for the VTSCada JSON driver found here...

Question: "Can you pass functions or vtscada parameters in the URL? I.e I want to use the latitude and longitude which are specified in the parent of the JSON/XML tag?"

Answer: Absolutely. You can put parameter expressions in the URL which reference V
Is OPC UA Driver supported in Light Version? I cannot get it to connect to a server: status not refreshed.

On the I/O address assist button seems grayed out and I cannot tell what is failing.

Tried from same client host UAExplorer and it connects fine.

I selected Anonymous and no certificates. Is this configuration not supported?

Is the a log file somewhere I can view?

recent by DanW  ·  Nov 16 '20 at 6:59 pm
I am working on integrating some backend ERP database information into some of the views we have setup. In working to get a query to operate I have a number of where clause items but it appears there is a length limit on the number of characters for the query. Is this configurable and can I make that a longer value? Thanks,

I had a issue and was wondering if there were any known issues.

VTSCADA version 12.0.05

I created a Analog Output and a IO Calculation Tag (Only one was active at a time just to make sure it wasnt a tag type issue) to write Seconds to a PLC to verify VTSCADA was communicating to the PLC.

When i logged off my user account both tags would stop writing to the PLC, i added the logged off
Hello. New to this software and trying to get an analog input to read correctly. Maybe this has a simple solution and I'm just missing it.

Basically, I'm reading the analog input register of a MODBUS device which uses a 16-bit unsigned register for its 4-20 mA input. You get a value of 0-65535 with this.

If I read this register with VTScada, it works fine until the 16th bit changes from a
recent by User1825  ·  Oct 30 '20 at 7:28 pm

I've begun using VTScadaLIGHT and I've run into some trouble. I started logging some data and I noticed after a few days that my timestamp is off. Turns out the system's clock was set for the wrong time zone.

I changed it (pacific time to eastern time) and now the Historical Data Viewer is misbehaving...for all tags. When I resume the live view, the far right side is lined u
recent by Lakee911  ·  Oct 30 '20 at 5:23 pm
User7263 posted Oct 8 '20 at 3:04 am
I have been using Push Button widgets with a Siemens S7-1200 and digital I/O tags. I assign the HMI button bit in the PLC to another bit in the PLC and immediately reset the HMI button bit. When pressing the button repeatedly, despite being 1 all of the time, the Siemens controller sees a change from zero to 1 each time.

Now using an OPC-DA connection with an ABB controller, pressing the bu
recent by Michael  ·  Oct 29 '20 at 2:11 pm
User7263 posted Oct 27 '20 at 4:31 am
I'm communicating with an ABB AC800M PLC using the OPC-DA Driver in VTScada. When reading tags, I can increase the "scan rate" in the tag itself, and as long as the OPC server is properly configured, I can get updated values as frequently as I need them.

Pushbuttons on the other hand are "written" to the OPC Server, and there is a 1 second delay at least from pushbutton press to the time the
Brian Muir posted Oct 26 '20 at 9:08 pm
Hi, in tag browser we can see tag values displayed but they all drop out periodically, with corresponding drop out of information on screens. I'm pretty sure this means that the polling loop is taking too long.

I'd like confirm our strategy for dealing with this:

a. adjust polling intervals on all tags to minimum required.
b. adjust timeout period on our ScadaPACK node, for which all
Mrpike posted Oct 19 '20 at 5:01 am
I am in need of help establishing comms to a PLC via the GESRTP driver. I have added a driver to the main area and added children to it as shown in the attached pic. Can anyone tell me what value 26 means in the driver value? If I unplug the PLC the value changes to 2. Also another issue I have is what control do I need to turn on/off bits within the PLC? I have added a toggle switch widget
Hello, we are frustrated about our inability to support our client with updates. They have some IT resource problems and at present the proper ports for remote desktop and VTSCAD server to server interconnect are not open. Our short term workaround is to email them changesets.

But they cannot load them!

When my client attempts to install (by executing the changeset file) he sees the erro
Trying to monitor Modbus registers in an Accuenergy Acuvim II power meter. Serial comms (RS485 to USB converter) looks to be established to the device at address 2, but no luck in getting values in test tag. Not sure I have the address represented correctly. Device support doc shows the info below. Comms possible? Suggestions?

Acuvim II modbus map

The company I work for has an embedded product that runs on linux.

We have a big customer that wants the data from our product to be integrated into their VTScada system. Our data consist of simple booleans, integers, floats, and strings.

As you might guess our management has asked me to investigate the effort it would take to implement.

Where can I start? Can someone point me
I am trying to conditionally disable alarm so it is only enabled while a certain piece of equipment is operating. I have the built in low alarm configured as such

When I right-click on the displayed analog tag it shows Disable Low Alarm as checked, but the alarm is still active in my alarm history. How do I keep this disabled while not operational?


User7263 posted Jul 29 '20 at 11:04 pm
I am using the warning category for non-critical alarms, and an alarm list widget set to show Active Alarms from the System Alarm DB to display these and critical alarms to the operator.

Currently the warning alarms show up in the alarm list and are highlighted yellow, this is desired.

I would, however, prefer they not cause window flashing or sound, and not require acknowledgement, rath
I want to use an "always high" digital tag sent from VTScada to the PLC as a comms status bit.

I've tried creating a numeric calculation tag and entering the PLC bit address in the address field, but this doesn't work (I'm assuming because the numeric calculation only outputs analog, but correct me if I'm wrong).

I have tried to use a digital tag with start condition, but not sure what
recent by User7263  ·  Sep 2 '20 at 7:04 pm
Under "configuration" -> "properties" -> Display Tab, under "Application Window Behavior" I have checked "Resizable Window" and "Constrain Aspect Ratio". The image displays fine on a large screen. When using a laptop screen, however, only the upper left corner of the screen shows, and there are no scroll bars to center the window. How can this be fixed?


recent by User7263  ·  Sep 2 '20 at 7:00 pm
I am using a Siemens S7-1200 with VTScada and the Siemens TCP driver. Occasionally, certain tags will be modified fine in VTScada, but they are not written to the PLC program (although they should be). Other times they are changed correctly. It seems to be somewhat random. Would appreciate any advice anyone could give that might be causing this.

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