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mike_yung posted Dec 17 '21 at 5:17 pm
Can someone explain how to setup the very basic polling I require?

here's what I need

read from remote site A for 5 seconds
read from remote site B for 5 seconds
read from remote site C for 5 seconds
read from remote site D for 5 seconds
read from remote site E for 5 seconds
... repeat

What I've done based on my interpretation of the polling driver help is polling all five sites conti
Ketul posted Dec 1 '21 at 9:39 am
I want to read data in VTscada individual tags from MS-SQL.
I have created database & tables in MS-SQL. I want to read some string, integer data in VTscada tags.

Also, I need to know SQL addressing to read data from MS-SQL in individual tags in VTScada.

Can you please guide me on this?

The Modbus User Map Register Settings are correct and the frequency tag is working correctly; however, tags IA, IB, and IC are not updating properly on VTScada. Shown herein.

As the expected value is appx. '0.54' on SEL and '1' is shown on VTScada, I was looking to increase the resolution as this could resolve potentially but couldn't locate. I showed the 'Scaling' for IA tag properties if t
aditi2397 posted Nov 17 '21 at 5:06 am
I want to simulate the environment of PLC and HMI communication on VTScadaLight using GE Fanuc Series 90 driver so that I can run a virtual PLC using port 18245 and HMI on the same computer. Can anyone please tell me whether it is possible and if it is then how should I work it out.
Thank you.

I find the "Alarm Configuration Structure" in the webpage .

There is a "Custom" in the structure. Where should I key in value into the "Customer"? I can`t find a place in the "Alarm Properties TabPage".

Thank you.

Ketul posted Nov 17 '21 at 1:52 pm
I have a VTScada licence for 2 thin client configurations & I have configured one thin client-server setup for my application and I am able to log in with generated Anywhere URL, MIC URL & VIC URL from my windows10 machine.

I want to see my VTScada application on my mobile.

For that, I'm trying with MIC URL to browse in my mobile but the site is not opening.

Is any further co
aakram posted Nov 10 '21 at 7:16 pm
Resizing HDV popup window pauses live data view. The same happens when this window is minimized and restored. This behavior started after an upgrade from version 12.0.32 to 12.0.44.

hank posted Nov 10 '21 at 4:15 pm
Hi Guys,

We are working to implement the master / subordinate configuration for a system we're working on. The system has been running for a couple of years now, but we're starting to add some remote locations, each of which will have their own smaller VTScada license and server. We have done this before using Tag Area Filtering but the VTScada help now suggests using a master application wit
How to calculate the local disk space that will be used by VTScada tag`s historian?

For example, I have an application including two analog tag. Every minute the two analog tag data will be store into VTScada internal database by historian.

I want to know incremental local disk space that be used by historian and internal database for one hour and for one day. So I can prepare a appropr
recent by Michael  ·  Nov 8 '21 at 6:34 pm
flagshang posted Oct 11 '21 at 5:59 am
VTScada can use ActiveX like Shell.Explorer in the help page.

How can I write a ActiveX that does something for VTScada? What is the interface or protocol? I need usermanual about this. Thank you .

recent by flagshang  ·  Nov 2 '21 at 5:55 am
Paul Bailey posted Sep 23 '21 at 5:32 pm
After obtaining a certificate and verifying your domain, GoDaddy will supply you with the following files:

Security Certificate.crt
(“Security Certificate” would be replaced with random characters)

You should be logged into Windows as an account with administrative privileges for these steps to work.

Place those files
Good afternoon,
My name is Joseph Rhodes, I work as an electronic technician for the City of Tuscaloosa's wastewater treatment plant. The other day, our chemist sent me an email asking for data about the HCR Creek Flow. I was lucky that I have a co-worker who's about to retire point me in the right direction. I was able to find the data I needed for our chemist. I had to go through a few hoop
foxychen posted Oct 18 '21 at 11:01 am

I have designed a Tag group, there are about 50 tags and a modbus driver, a serial(TCP/IP) port in the group, each tag mapping to a same table to the real device.

After I copy tag groups and set different station ID,
When I connect to one device, all tags read values in one second,
when I connect to two device, some tags read values in one second, but some tags read values in
Careyh posted Oct 28 '21 at 11:03 pm
Can VTScada poll extended history from a Floboss / ROC RTU? Its not in the help anywhere

Joseph.Rhodes posted Oct 13 '21 at 8:06 pm
I've been the City of Tuscaloosa's electronic technician for going on two years now. I've only ever used VTscada Anywhere Client to log into VTSCada. I've been having this issue with a missing minimize button on any and all windows I've open while logged into VTScada. This issue persists with all browsers and not just Google. I was able to slap a bandaid on the issue by switching over to accessin
Ketul posted Jul 20 '21 at 1:44 pm
I need to set the scheduling for the SOV's (solenoid operating valve) at a certain time interval.
attached an image for the scheduler?

I tried to make this with the Trigger tag available in VTScada. I have set On-time & Off-time of the scheduler. Scheduler starting at its set time interval. But how can I enable my tag for SOV at the same time?

I want to when my time started
recent by Ketul  ·  Oct 12 '21 at 2:26 pm
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