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I am trying to conditionally disable alarm so it is only enabled while a certain piece of equipment is operating. I have the built in low alarm configured as such

When I right-click on the displayed analog tag it shows Disable Low Alarm as checked, but the alarm is still active in my alarm history. How do I keep this disabled while not operational?


User7263 posted Jul 29 '20 at 11:04 pm
I am using the warning category for non-critical alarms, and an alarm list widget set to show Active Alarms from the System Alarm DB to display these and critical alarms to the operator.

Currently the warning alarms show up in the alarm list and are highlighted yellow, this is desired.

I would, however, prefer they not cause window flashing or sound, and not require acknowledgement, rath
I want to use an "always high" digital tag sent from VTScada to the PLC as a comms status bit.

I've tried creating a numeric calculation tag and entering the PLC bit address in the address field, but this doesn't work (I'm assuming because the numeric calculation only outputs analog, but correct me if I'm wrong).

I have tried to use a digital tag with start condition, but not sure what
recent by User7263  ·  Sep 2 '20 at 7:04 pm
Under "configuration" -> "properties" -> Display Tab, under "Application Window Behavior" I have checked "Resizable Window" and "Constrain Aspect Ratio". The image displays fine on a large screen. When using a laptop screen, however, only the upper left corner of the screen shows, and there are no scroll bars to center the window. How can this be fixed?


recent by User7263  ·  Sep 2 '20 at 7:00 pm
I am using a Siemens S7-1200 with VTScada and the Siemens TCP driver. Occasionally, certain tags will be modified fine in VTScada, but they are not written to the PLC program (although they should be). Other times they are changed correctly. It seems to be somewhat random. Would appreciate any advice anyone could give that might be causing this.

gmf posted Aug 4 '20 at 9:00 pm
I configured an ethernet port and CIP driver for a CompactLogix PLC. When I create a new tag of type "I/O and Calculations" the tag browser option does not appear on the Read Address field.

I ran a Driver communications summary report and the % average Quality was 68.8 and average response time is 0.002 which I would assume would mean I am communicating with the PLC.

Any idea why I can't
recent by Michael  ·  Aug 5 '20 at 10:24 pm
We are trying to configure a firewall between the primary and the DMZ (Pivot) server. The DMZ (Pivot)server will provide read-only remote access to operators. We are licensed for 25K tags. What is a good estimate for throughput between the primary and dmz server?

User7263 posted Jul 28 '20 at 7:39 am
Still new to VTScada.

I have an I/O tag of length word in VT scada with an output address to a register in the PLC. I want to set/reset a bit at a desired position in that tag if an alarm status tag is true. What is the best way to do this?


recent by User7263  ·  Jul 29 '20 at 8:40 pm
I already created the tags for my PLC in VTScada. I am trying to pull the digital status of a device in my system. First I was using Y memory bit, the digital status can be pulled correctly, I can see a value 1 shown on the Tag when that device was on. The Y memory bit address and function code are attached.

Then, I changed the Y memory to C memory bit, the device is still working well.
recent by dan  ·  Jul 29 '20 at 5:16 pm
I have an ultrasonic sensor with range from 40~300 [mm] outputs 4~20 [mA] to my PLC(ClickPLC). I established connection with the PLC and VTScada Light, the value pulled form PLC, is varying from -171 to 700 something with scaling set as 0~100 for both raw and processed.

I tried to pulled data from some other addresses on my PLC which are not used at all, I did get a value of zero. So I assum
since Vt scada has taken by delta electronics,does it support delta dvp 14ss2 rs485 i tried connecting it,or how to link kepserver with vt scada,I am getting data on kepserver quick client but not on vt scada.Seems like some certificate problem.can I get the proper method to do so?
thank you,
yogesh thakare,
Koolaxis LLP.

I've created a Custom Type that contains five analog tags - Value, EU_Max, EU_Min, L_Alarm, H_Alarm. Their PLC addresses are based on a custom Parameter called 'BaseAddress'. Address expression example:

\baseaddress + ".Value"
I've also tried:

Pickvalid(Concat(..\baseaddress, ".Value), "")

Concat(getphrase(..\baseaddress), ".Value")

Have also tried checking and unchecking
recent by DanW  ·  Jul 14 '20 at 10:14 pm
I am running the micro800 simulator on Allen Bradley's CCW software. It appears that you support micro800 PLC's using the Symbolic CIP driver, however when I try to use the AB CIP driver demo downloaded from your site, the connection blinks green and does not stay on. I have the simulator running on CCW with a basic start/stop logic. Please let me know if there is something specific that I need t
Someone redefined a type with a bunch of tags that didn't actually belong to the Type but were meant only for a particular instance. This went unnoticed for several months.

If possible, I'd like to set the Type back to the way it is supposed to be but cannot lose the history of those tags that were inadvertently added to the Type.

Hope this makes sense. Is there a not-too-complicated way
recent by DanW  ·  Jul 8 '20 at 4:08 pm
We are testing the VT Scada Light. I am trying to connect it with a energy measurement system using Modbus over TCP/IP directly from PC.

I created the tag using 'TCP IP Port' -> 'Modbus Compatible Device' -> 'Analog Input' and didn´t get the communication.

Followed the basic configuration done:

TCP IP Port: Adress: Port: 502

Modbus Compatible Device: S
recent by Michael  ·  Jul 3 '20 at 3:00 pm
BobbyLove posted Jun 30 '20 at 8:41 pm

I recently downloaded VTScadaLIGHT in order to test a prototype device. I am writing to Modbus registers 40001 - 40010, and splitting my floating point values into 16 bit unsigned integers. How would I union them back together in VTScadaLIGHT as a floating point value?

40001 = 16 bit unsigned int
40002 = 16 bit unsigned int

union of 4001 and 40002 = Floating point
recent by Victor  ·  Jul 1 '20 at 10:06 pm
DanW posted Jun 25 '20 at 5:20 pm
If I open the Historical Data Viewer page and turn a tag's trend visibility off by clicking the eyeball icon and then close the page, the trend visibility is set to disabled globally. You go to a page showing that tag's value and click on it to open the plot and it is not visible. Not only that, but any other user will also have that tag's plot not be visible.

How can I configure the plot vis
recent by DanW  ·  Jun 30 '20 at 7:33 pm
Ketul posted Jun 25 '20 at 10:11 am
I have created a new Type in Context tag and created this with Create new Type. Its added in Tag list as a new Type tag. I want to enable/disable this new type tag for users.

I have added new type tag named as "MyType". I want to Enable/Disable this tag type for different users.
(Users with no permission to show this tag type are not able to visible this tag type in tag list)

How can
User7263 posted Jun 21 '20 at 10:04 pm
Hello, I am new to VTScada. I have an Alarm Word from the PLC, where each bit represents an individual fault. I'd like to read the entire Alarm Word as a single tag in VTscada and create alarms for each individual bit. I have found the expression Bit([HMI Alarm Word],2) for example to work as an expression, but I'm not sure where/how to enter this to create the Alarm. Thanks.

recent by User7263  ·  Jun 24 '20 at 9:07 am
Subranna posted Jun 17 '20 at 1:13 am
A step-by-step guide to create an ODBC Connection:

How to create HTTP server for ODBC connection from local desktop?
After setting up HTTP server, I know how to create a DSN.

Please help to achieve HTTP server setup.

When setting up a modem for call out alarming for VTScada on a virtual server, is there documentation available that can be used as a guide during set up?

Looking for something that I can give a customers IT manager. Trying to follow best practice, make sure the set up is done correctly, and all needed steps are followed.

[Solved] Ended up doing USB pass through to the Voice Modem, and
recent by Michael  ·  Jun 10 '20 at 6:38 pm
GN posted Jun 2 '20 at 9:14 pm

I am new to VTScada and experimenting with VTScada light. Did a setup using Pumps and values.

I have a tag let us say > Local TCP Port\PLCSim\Pump 1 \ Motor Speed with current value 500.

Is there any way to set this value to 1000 by using some external programming (Not through manual dials)?

I do see the REST interface provides read capability for these tags, but NOT the w
recent by GN  ·  Jun 9 '20 at 8:36 pm
Hi VTScada Support.

I have two questions,

I have an Ethernet/IP to Data Highway Plus Converter it is ANC-100e (

It works as a controllogix gateway with a 1756 ENET and a 1756 DHRIO.

Can we work with your software? We use PCCC not CIP.

And if there is a way can you tell me how or where to look for a guide or manual?
recent by support  ·  Jun 8 '20 at 9:06 pm
Hi, is there a way to update a custom report without having to restart the application?

I've been playing with some custom reports in VTScada.
Currently, adding a new report won't require the application to restart, but adding or removing a report would require the application to start after clicking Import File Change. This becomes quite time consuming if I need to make/test small chang
recent by Victor  ·  Jun 8 '20 at 4:32 pm
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