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I have programmed DNP Binary Output controls on my pages and the manual states that if you send an analog value to the tag of "-5000" it should sent a 5 second "Trip" pulse and if you send a value of "5000" it should send a 5 second "Close" pulse.

When i look at my wireshark logs and in my SEL RTAC i just keep getting 1ms Close pulses no matter what i configure.

My points are configured a
Problem 1: I'm trying to execute a file based on a trigger. It is to accomplish something another SCADA software could do. It will run a batch file that combines csv files into 1 csv file. I am using a trigger tag to change an analog value. Then use that analog value to execute a script tag. The new SRC file (SpawnFile.SRC) and variable was declared in the AppRoot.SRC file per the help documentat
recent by Vic  ·  Dec 30 '22 at 5:01 pm
mikeb posted Dec 12 '22 at 5:24 pm
When I install VTSCADA 12.1.12 and try to load the WeatherApp sample application available on your website I receive an error: "HTTP server error Unknown Error -10013"

I progress past this error and attempt to configure the DemoSystem to allow connections from the DSN I created using the VTSCADA ODBC driver. The local DSN fails to connect to the server.

What is the cause of this error and
Testing VT SCADA (the light version) to see if it can be used to manage several irrigation canal systems using Control Design CD120 RTU's. These are FM radio devices. They have a range of registers (47033-423039) designated for floating point value storage. These are 32 bit (4 byte) registers.

For example, modbus ID 20, register 47033 (0-based) currently contains the value 1.4839. A quer
Hi All,
Just wondering where can I find information/documentation on how to configure GetBulkRequest and GetNextRequests for VTScada acting as SNMP Manager.
I know you can assign an OID in the Tag address and set the polling frequency against individual tags, but I want to be able to control bulk requests for polling the RTU's as a whole.

bon_temps2000 posted Dec 5 '22 at 10:01 am
I'd like to create a custom Site Summary that would be used in the "Sites" page in place of the standard widget. I have some custom indicators that I'd like to include.

I can re-create the "Sites" page using a Site Map and Tag List object, but I don't know how to drive the Pulse Beacons in the Site Map from the Tag List object.

I don't need specific instructions on program syntax, just a
Joseph.Rhodes posted Nov 30 '22 at 1:33 pm
I wanted to reach out to others to see if they have been having similar issues. I'm located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the Hilliard Fletcher Wastewater Treatment Plant. I've got a few different ways to access VTScada, but the one way that has been giving us all fits has been accessing VTScada through the Anywhere Client. Our plant operators access VTScada through Anywhere Client. I can access thro
jxa posted Nov 30 '22 at 4:17 pm
Can I get some help in defining a SQL Driver template for pulling values from another VTScada system?

ODBC driver is installed, user account with remote data permissions created, realm created, DSN defined, connection verified.

There is no option in the database type list for VTScada. What should be chosen here?

I made a probably incorrect assumption that a query should follow the for
recent by jxa  ·  Nov 30 '22 at 9:42 pm
othmania posted Nov 22 '22 at 6:29 pm
I configured a simple link to communicate with an equipment in SNMP as in the attached photo, but the VTScada does not communicate with the equipment. The computer communicates without problem either by the web page or by the ping . could you please check the picture attache.
Also i use the Ireasoning works fine

Lamz posted Nov 21 '22 at 2:45 am
Hello everyone.
I am trying to use VTScada to read a string from a Delta DVP-SE PLC (which support ethernet).
However when I try to setup a tag, I only can define the address of 1 word, while my string is 3 consecutive words.
Could you please guide me how to do this.
Thank you

recent by cardsfan  ·  Nov 21 '22 at 5:03 pm
Hello, I am new to VTScada.
Currently we have a database where store the manufacturing plan and we want to connect VTScada to that database and take that data to display on the VTScada screen.
Please suggest which I can do to achieve it.
Sorry I do not have much experience on this, if it is possible please explain clearly.
Thank you.

cwinland posted Nov 15 '22 at 12:39 pm
I am trying to connect and pull data from a multismart via modbus. I can ping the IP address of the multismart and the Modbus address for the driver is 1, but I am getting an error code of 260 from the IP address and an error code of 531 on the driver. I tried connecting to the multismart with a modbus scanner via TCP/IP but I cannot pull any data from the registers.

Tames posted Nov 1 '22 at 3:35 pm
When dealing with a GUIText inside of a widget I can see from the help document that there is the Options section that allows for control of font size. The only issue I have is that the options are for;

no change
change based off vertical scaling of the page
scale to topmost scaling, ie. the page

I am trying to get a GUIText to scale inside of a widget so that I can change the widget dimens
recent by Tames  ·  Nov 17 '22 at 2:23 pm
crd posted Nov 15 '22 at 3:09 pm
The notification email is attaching the wrong user when sending the message.


Original forum entry (user crd):

crd posted 1 day ago at 10:05 pm
I would like to change the alarm code to the beginning of the message, as to allow the user to 'Like' the alarm message and acknowledge it.

This currently works if we remove all of the text except the date, but that introduces the pro
lucy posted Nov 8 '22 at 2:02 am
What are the Remote Data access ? Which licenses need to be purchased? Remote access licenses will be enabled

What is the Remote configuration & Remote Idea Studio? Which functions are specifically included

Thank you and look forward to your reply

Hello, experts.
In the project, there is a requirement to separate users. That is, different users will enter a different first page when logging in. It is intended to create some isolation between users. That is, user 1 will enter a general map with the option of switching between the stations, and user 2 will only enter a central screen without the possibility of switching. Is this possible?
recent by tmills10  ·  Nov 13 '22 at 5:15 am
cardsfan posted Oct 23 '22 at 4:20 am
The “find and replace” button that pops up on the right sidebar in idea studio…

Is there a way to get it to work for regular widgets, groups, or tags that appear in expressions? It seems to only work for tag widgets.

It’s a huge time suck copying and pasting a widget (not tag widget), then replacing each tag manually.

recent by cardsfan  ·  Oct 28 '22 at 7:35 pm
Jason posted Oct 20 '22 at 8:28 pm
I have been tasked to make a standard VTScada template. This will get used in different applications. How it is supposed to function is that it will list all the shutdown conditions and it will display which ones are in fault (easy part). Then when you click on each shutdown it will take you to the faceplate of the device it is connected too. The problem I run into is when trying to have it all p
recent by Jason  ·  Oct 28 '22 at 7:15 pm
Tames posted Oct 26 '22 at 4:20 pm

Does anyone have a working example of a basic page using a gridlist function?

The example in the help documentation does not work when copy and pasted into my code, and I have been the extra things to get it working but in the end the Gridlist is not pulling the example list of Data[#][#] or Title[#] information past the first inputs.

Is there something I am missing?

recent by Tames  ·  Oct 27 '22 at 4:09 pm
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