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While discussing some remote access solutions, a question arose about how VTSCADA handles version differences. The specific example we were discussing dealt with an integrator remotely logging into a network and then making changes to an application hosted on a remote machine using the integrator laptop, and then pushing those chang
recent by BB001  ·  Mar 2 '17 at 12:17 am
The VTScada graphics library is located in VTScada\VTS\Bitmaps. The use of the term Bitmaps is a holdover from many years ago and no longer represents the actual makeup of the graphics library, which includes approximately 3000 WMF (vector), 1000 BMP (nonvector), 4600 PNG (nonvector) and 3000 SVG (vector). Some of these files are in more than one format. The development team noted this is because
Yesterday, a customer asked the best way to create a reusable set of bitwise reads for a packed PLC integer register. This is best done by creating a tag structure with a Context Tag as the parent. Create a parameter for the Context Tag called something like "BaseRegister" but leave it's value blank. Create the preferred Digital Status tags for each bitwise read as its children and set the Addres
Question - How does the new Activation affect my SI developer key? I currently have a few different versions of VTScada installed on my computer for use in development with different customers. I assume this won’t affect versions before 11.2.25, but what about going forward? Will I be able to install multiple versions of VTScada after 11.2.25? I like to work on their applications in the ver
admin posted Feb 2 '17 at 2:07 pm
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