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jsanden posted Apr 25 '17 at 5:18 pm
Does VTScadaLIGHT support the Anywhere Internet Client?

The mobile client seems to work fine in a browser, but when I log into the AIC throw a web browser all I see is a white page. A logon failed notification gets logged to the System Event DB even though I know I'm using the correct credentials.

recent by dougs  ·  May 9 '17 at 9:01 pm
Afternoon All;
I am trying to poll a Modbus flow meter. The register I am polling is a floating point, and at this time just looking to get a proper HEX response. Below is a couple of request and response. The request is correct as I have tested with a Mdbus master modbus simulator. It is looking to me that there is a inter-character time out issue. But any thoughts, questions or solutions wou
This is a question that comes up more and more so our own Dave Spencer created this quick and easy video tutorial.

This video was created for VTScada version 11.2 in 2016-10.

Instructions can also be found in the VTScada Help System.
Question from a customer: I wanted to double check on this configuration for the type of application that the software will be placed into.

The City will have a VTScada installation at their WWTP, and the WTP. The sites are about 2 miles apart and will only be connected through the Internet. We were planning to have two separate applications installed at each site, but allow the WTP staff t
Question - How does the new Activation affect my SI developer key? I currently have a few different versions of VTScada installed on my computer for use in development with different customers. I assume this won’t affect versions before 11.2.25, but what about going forward? Will I be able to install multiple versions of VTScada after 11.2.25? I like to work on their applications in the ver
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